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The Smart Option For Self Storage in Indianapolis

Do you need to declutter your home, downsize your office, or simply need extra storage space for your belongings? SMARTBOX provides an efficient, convenient, and affordable method of self-storage. Our portable storage containers are structured to be easy to pack, secure during transport, and provide you with a convenient way to store your belongings in one of our local Indianapolis storage facilities.

Local Self Storage in Indianapolis, Without All The Hassle 

What makes SMARTBOX better than your typical self storage unit in Indianapolis, like Public Storage® or Extra Space™? There are lots of advantages when you choose one of our storage containers. With SMARTBOX, your storage container is delivered directly to you. We’ll also drop off and pick up your storage container at our local storage facility at times that suit you, so it’s convenient to your schedule.

We know that everyone has their own schedule, and with typical storage facilities, there’s often a lot of rush and last-minute moving that comes with renting a moving truck and getting your belongings in and out of a self storage unit. When you work with SMARTBOX of Indianapolis, there are never any tight time constraints, so you can pack it at your own pace and we’ll never rush you to get finished. You simply pack your storage container when it’s most convenient for you, and we pick it up and take it to our local storage facility in Indianapolis.

When you choose SMARTBOX of Indianapolis, you only pay for the storage containers you need. This means you won’t ever end up paying for a self storage unit that’s only half-full. Once your storage containers are picked up, they will be moved to our local storage facility in Indianapolis. All SMARTBOX storage facilities are temperature-controlled to provide the ideal environment for your valuables and belongings.

Portable On-Demand Storage Containers

SMARTBOX containers are different than your average storage container. They’re five feet wide, eight feet deep, and seven feet tall, making them the perfect size to efficiently and safely pack away your belongings. This means you’ll never run into problems with stacking items too high inside while trying to try to utilize the space inside. Our portable storage containers also can hold up to 3000 pounds, and can typically accommodate one and half room’s worth of storage. This is useful for organization when packing, since you can use a different SMARTBOX for different rooms in your home. Since SMARTBOX containers are made of wood on the inside, the contents of your storage container can breathe, meaning they won’t be prone to mold or mildew.

Why Choose SMARTBOX Over Public Storage® or Extra Space™?

SMARTBOX storage containers is simply more convenient, efficient, and safer than storing your belongings in a regular storage facility like Public Storage® or Extra Space™. If you choose to store your belongings in a run-of-the-mill storage facility in Indianapolis, you’ll run into a lot of problems you simply won’t encounter when you choose SMARTBOX.

With a standard storage facility, you’ll need to transport your own belongings to your storage unit. This means you’ll either need to spend some extra money and rent a moving van, or find a good friend with a truck to help you out.

Our service also outclasses the one you’d get with a standard public storage facility. With SMARTBOX, your storage unit comes to you, meaning you can pack it and unload it at your own pace. You can also leave your portable storage container outside your property, so you have easy access to your belongings at all times – something you simply don’t get with typical public storage rentals.

You’ll also need to move your things twice with a regular storage facility – once into the moving truck and into the storage facility, and then again when you move your belongings back out. This can be fairly strenuous, and isn’t nearly as convenient as the experience you get by choosing a SMARTBOX portable storage container.

How To Get Started

Ready to learn more? Give SMARTBOX a call today for a fast and free estimate on our shipping and storage solutions. A SMARTBOX expert will gather some details and provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. Please reach out to us at (877) 627-8269 and a member of our staff will be happy to help you out. We look forward to hearing from you soon!