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SMARTBOX of Centennial, Colorado:
Portable Storage and Moving

Easy Storage and Moving, Both Local and Long Distance

Welcome to Centennial, Colorado

If you're reading this, you are either thinking about moving to Centennial, Colorado, or you are already mentally ready to make the big move. Either way, deciding to move to Centennial is a great decision. Now, all you need to do is lock in a moving company to ease your transition to your new Colorado home. Take your time unpacking. There's certainly plenty to see and explore in Centennial, Colorado!

Special Points of Interest in Centennial, Colorado

Centennial may be one of Colorado's youngest communities, only incorporated in 2001, yet it's already one of the state's largest cities, with over 100,000 residents. The city's size and easy access to Denver nearby means that Centennial offers a wide range of activities and amenities for everyone to enjoy, from shopping and dining at the Streets at South Glenn to canoeing down the Colorado River with Centennial Canoe Outfitters.

Centennial Center Park beckons families to spend the day at the playground or water park, while everyone can enjoy a fun round at the unique, glow-in-the dark indoor course at Monster Mini Golf. Indulge in relaxing spa treatments Spavia.

Once you live in Centennial, you'll also have all of Denver's attractions nearby, including the Denver Zoo, Red Rocks Park, and world-famous microbreweries like Wynkoop Brewing Company. The town is a hub for corporate jets. You can also charter planes for aerial adventures over the Rocky Mountains.

Moving to Centennial, Colorado

At SMARTBOX, we pride ourselves on superlative service and the unbeatable convenience of our portable storage units. Our smart and artful system combines the best of a storage company and a moving company. You can pack your SMARTBOX portable storage units on your own time and call us to pick up your storage unit boxes when you are ready. We'll store them for as long as you need or transport them across town, across the state, or across the country.

No matter the move distance, we will deliver the boxes and your belongings in perfect condition and straight to your home, insured and protected from the elements all along the way. You can unpack at a leisurely pace over days or weeks if need be. We'll only pick up your boxes when you're ready. That way, you can spend your time getting to know your new community in Centennial.

Moving Locally in Centennial, Colorado

Some folks try to manage local moves on their own by renting a truck, only to regret the enormously stressful day that inevitably ensues. The rental clock starts ticking as soon as you pick up the truck, costing you more money by the minute, and you also get physically worn out having to pack and unpack all in the same day. We named our service SMARTBOX simply because we feel our service offers a smarter, more humane way to move, from near or far. With no time constraints on packing and unpacking, your move is finally on your terms.

We start your local move to Centennial by discussing your needs in depth over the phone. Then we will deliver just the right number of boxes to you, dropped right off at your door, in the driveway, a parking space, or wherever is most convenient to you. You can pack as quickly or as slowly as you'd like, and you'll never be charged for boxes you do not use.

Our sizable portable storage units allow you to pack room by room, organizing furniture, books, and other belongings logically so that unpacking is a breeze once you arrive. Our weatherproof SMARTBOX portable storage units are always protected from the elements, whether stored in a box in your driveway or secured in one of our climate-controlled storage facilities.

Storage Options in Centennial, Colorado 

We understand that moving can require creative scheduling. Perhaps your new apartment, corporate housing, or new home isn't available until a week or even months after you need to start a new job. Sometimes you may need to move fast, and in a competitive home market, you need more time to pick out the right home. You might even wish to renovate your new home before moving in.

Whatever the scenario, with SMARTBOX portable storage units, you can move from your old home and keep everything in storage for as long as you need. Our facilities are climate controlled and secured to safeguard your treasures until you are ready to receive them again. When that time comes, make the call to our friendly representatives and we will bring your boxes and belongings to your new home in Centennial.

Moving from Centennial, Colorado

If for some reason you have to leave Centennial, our team can help, whether you're moving across the country, to a new retirement home in Aspen, or just down the road to Denver. Unlike traditional moving companies, we don't simply arrive with one big truck to contain everything. We believe there's a better way to move that will also reduce confusion and save you money. We work with you to strategize and streamline your move before we even arrive to drop off boxes.

This smart concept means that you can keep each room's furniture and belongings tidy and contained within a single, dedicated SMARTBOX. There's no space constraint, either. You can have as many or as few portable storage units as you need. If you'd like to make your move from Centennial into a cross-country drive and road trip vacation, great. We'll store your stuff while you see the sights, so you don't have to rush. When you're ready, we'll meet you at your new home and you can unpack stress-free.

If you need a mover to take you to or from Centennial, we are here for you. We are also eager to assist with any of your short-term or long-term storage needs in the area. Get a free preliminary quote online or give our friendly representatives a call to discuss your move to Colorado.


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