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Moving Trailer Rental

SMARTBOX—For Moves of All Sizes

SMARTBOX moving trailer rentals are built for flexibility throughout the entire moving process. If you are planning on making a long-distance or one-way move, our enclosed cargo trailers will keep your items protected for the long haul.

We can give you an estimate of how much space you might need in your moving trailer based on the size of your house. Use however much of that space you want, and our rates will be based on the amount you use—no more, no less.

Adaptable Space

Forget about rental trucks and cargo vans. Our moving trailers contain significantly more space than vehicle types combined, easily holding up to a 3-4 bedroom home. Your final costs will come from the amount of space used in the trailer—not the cargo weight—saving you money in the process.

Easy Parking

Don’t worry about driving the truck through your neighborhood. We haul the trailer straight to your location. All we ask is that you find a parking spot in your driveway or on the street.

Moving trailer parking requirements:

●40 ft. of space for pickup and drop-off (includes space for ramp)

●10 ft. width

●14 ft. of clearance overhead (i.e., no electrical wires, canopies, low branches, etc.)

●A flat surface

●Allowance for overnight parking

●No fire lanes or fire hydrants

●An 18+ individual to sign for rental equipment and direct the driver where to park during drop-off

Simple Loading

The space between the ground and the floor of the trailer is 48”, so a ramp is a necessity for quick and easy loading, especially when moving precious cargo or oversized cargo. Fortunately, all of our trailers include a free ramp that allows you to easily move your items in and out. Setup is quick and simple—just make sure to use the ramp on a surface that is both firm and flat.

Additional Security with Bulkheads

Another piece of transport equipment you get free of charge is a locking divider wall, or bulkhead. After you’re finished loading the vehicle, the bulkhead will keep all of your belongings safe during the trip and keep them separated from commercial goods that will be loaded with your items.

The bulkheads we use consist of two connecting panels that cover the majority of the trailer's dimensions, but they are not designed to support the weight of your cargo. We recommend that you utilize straps or ropes to secure your belongings before assembling the bulkhead.You should also ensure that you put a couple of inches between the bulkhead and your cargo. Setting up and removing the bulkhead should always be done by at least two people wearing protective gloves.

Loading & Unloading Add-On Service

With SMARTBOX, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-service move without the price tag to go with it. When you rent a trailer from us, you can easily add loading & unloading labor services to your move at no additional cost. Our partners at and Global Van Lines have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners and businesses relocate across the country. Simply find movers in your area and book alongside your trailer rental to get quality moving labor services from experienced professionals in your area.

Get a Move On!

SMARTBOX is the most affordable and convenient option for packing up your belongings and getting them to your destination. Get in touch with us for a free quote today!

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