Columbus OH

Moving to Columbus


For those looking to move and indulge in urban living, the city of Columbus is just for you. Located in the peaceful state of Ohio, Columbus, has everything you could need and want. Moving to a city, especially one like Columbus, can seem intimidating for newcomers. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is a little education of the area to spark excitement and put your worries to rest.


Here’s everything you need to know about moving to Columbus.


It’s Affordable


Columbus has often been regarded as one of the least expensive cities to live in the U.S. Its average cost of living is around 11%. Not only can you find homes under $150,000 in Columbus, but the area also has one of the lowest rates of unemployment, clocking in at about 4%. With this much leeway, you’ll be able to settle down here with very little trouble.


You’ll Have Access to Amazing Education


One of the many reasons why people praise Columbus is because it is an amazing place to receive an education. In fact, did you know the Ohio State University, a highly regarded college, is located within this city?


If you worry you might not be accepted into this prestigious school, there is an alternative that’s just as beneficial. The Columbus State Community College is within the top 30 community colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges. No matter what path you take in regards to your education, the city of Columbus is here to provide.


There Are Plenty of Fun Activities


Being a bustling city, Columbus has no shortage of fun recreational activities to do.


To give you an example, here’s a list of some of the most popular spots to visit.


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium


This place is filled with many exotic creatures ranging from the African leopards and lions to the Bornean sun bear. Aside from the unique animals, the zoo also has theme park rides and live musical performances.


The Center of Science and Industry


People go here in order to learn more about Earth’s ancient history and scientific revelations. From an amazing dinosaur exhibit to the glorious planetarium, there’s a lot to learn inside. The museum also has an on-site cafeteria, so you can eat and explore to your heart’s content.


The North Market


For all of you foodies who love to cook out there, the North Market is the place for you. There are many vendors who have fresh fruit, vegetables and homemade bread ripe for the picking.


In addition, there are several other small shops with their own unique food ranging from Vietnamese food to sushi. There are plenty of places to go in Columbus, but the ones listed here are among the most common and well-loved.


The People Are Warm and Welcoming


A common misconception about moving to Columbus, or any city for that matter, is that the people are less than friendly. However, this isn’t the case in Columbus.


Sure, there’s always going to be that handful of bitter people, but everyone is incredibly kind and friendly in Columbus. Even the ex-pats that reside there share this trait, so if you’re from another part of the world, you won’t have to worry about trying to fit in.


Pre-Move Tips


If possible, visit Columbus so you can get a feel for the area. Check out the different neighborhoods to see which you like the best. Also, ask some of the locals their opinion about the area, both positive and negative. It's always good to have first-hand information before making a move.


Columbus is a fantastic place to visit and an even better place to live. However, as with all moving decisions, it’s not for everybody. Just remember to weigh the pros and cons of making the move and take time to think it through.