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SMARTBOX would like to help you move to Gresham.  How, you might ask? By allowing our experienced team of moving professionals to help you with your every relocation need.  We pride ourselves on customer focused convenience, while accomplishing all of your moving goals in a timely manner.  We look forward to working with you as you complete your move to Gresham. 

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Welcome to Gresham

Listed as the fourth largest city in Oregon, Gresham is located just east of Portland.  Incorporated as a city in 1905, Gresham actually began as a settlement in the mid 1800’s, and was later named after American Civil War General and Postmaster General Walker Quinton Gresham.  Economically, the city was known early on for farming, especially berries, grapes, and vegetables.

Today, Gresham’s economy is supported by various businesses, as well as educational and government sectors. With a plan to build a new 600,000 square foot distribution center in Gresham’s Vista Business Park, the city experiences continued growth.  

While Gresham may experience occasional seasons of rain, it does give way to plush greenery and beautiful parks for residents to enjoy. Gresham also experiences great summer temperatures with average high temperatures in the low 80’s.

SMARTBOX is pleased to welcome you to the city of Gresham, and we are here to provide you with quality service.


Special Points of Interest

If you enjoy the outdoors, Gresham, Oregon is definitely a great place to move to.  Gresham is located in an area of the country where activities and the outdoors go hand and hand.  From fishing and camping to hiking and mountain biking, all can be enjoyed in the Gresham area.

A special point of interest in the Gresham region is the Columbia River Gorge which is a National Scenic Area, established over twelve million years ago. The area offers opportunities to view natural forests, wildlife, as well as many outdoors activities that include boating and photography.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the breathtaking views that Mt. Hood National Forest provides. Credited as Oregon’s highest peak at 11, 237 feet, and located 20 miles from Gresham, Mt. Hood offers acres of land for a variety of outdoor activities and year round skiing.

Gresham Station which is comprised of 50 select shops and stores and 10 great restaurants offers shopping and dining experiences for the entire family. SMARTBOX looks forward to helping you move to the city of Gresham, and we look forward to being your moving resource provider.


Moving to Gresham

Moving to a new city can sometimes be a challenging process. For this reason, we make sure that our customers are always our top priority.  At SMARTBOX, we will be here for you every step of the way, assisting you whenever you need us.  We offer many different types of moving services, from college and military moves, to do-it-yourself options.  We can tailor each moving option to fit your specific needs.  To learn more, give us a call, and our moving specialists will be glad to help you!


Moving Locally In Gresham

Let SMARTBOX help you take the stress out of your local moves.  Whether it is five minutes or fifty-five minutes away from your current location, we can get the job done for you.  Our storage containers are ready to be delivered by our team members on your timetable.  Customer service is one of our top priorities at SMARTBOX, and we want to do everything within our power to build long-lasting, trusted relationships with all of our customers. 


Storage Options

Packing, unpacking and storage are a part of several moves, whether it is to another local neighborhood or across state lines.  So, the more organized this part of the moving process is, the easier your move will be.  At SMARTBOX, our storage containers are delivered directly to your door and are user friendly.  Our representatives can calculate how many containers you will need based on the number of items you have to be moved or stored.  Each container can be used for certain areas of your home, so the kitchen supplies will not get lost in the lawn equipment and all rooms can stay organized.  Then when it comes time to unpack your belongings, the SMARTBOX process will make it easier and less time consuming to locate what you need.


Moving From Gresham

SMARTBOX is not just a local moving company, based in one city. In fact, we offer long distance moving options as well.  We will be glad to help you if you are moving out of the Gresham area, all at an affordable rate.  We assist families, military personnel, and even college students as they make the transition to the next phase of their lives.  We take great pride in offering flat rate quotes up front to our customers at the very beginning of the moving process.  This prevents hidden fees, allowing you to stay within your specific moving budget.  We want you to get the most value for your money, while enjoying your moving experience with us.  If we can be of any further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives at (1-877-627-8269).  


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