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Local Moving & Storage Containers

Moving is a time honored task that millions take each and every day. While the anticipation and excitement are always welcome, the work and preparation to complete the move are not. SMARTBOX wants to help make moving plans easier and we have implemented various helpful moving checklists and guides here on our website to help you with your move.

If you are moving locally, SMARTBOX can assist you. Our qualified team of local moving experts will provide you with all of the information you need to help get your move started off right. With knowledge of local resources, as well as helpful moving tips, your local move will be a breeze.

First, establish a baseline idea of how many items you have to move. By doing so, we can help you to determine how many storage containers you will need. This will also enable our moving agent to provide you with a detailed quote of what to expect in terms of local moving expenses. As mentioned, we do not want your moving expenses to be a surprise, so we strive to give you an accurate quote, up front, so that you will know how much your move will cost.

Our staff will tell you which SMARTBOX local facility is closest to your point of origin. The convenience of our local moving services is that the SMARTBOX moving containers come directly to you. Instead of taking the time to drive to a moving truck company and rent a moving truck for your move, your moving containers arrive, ready for you to begin the packing process. Since it is a local move, we can always provide you with additional containers if you find that you need them.

When your SMARTBOX containers arrive, you have the option to pack at your leisure. Once your containers are filled, our local SMARTBOX facility will pick your containers up and transport them to the storage facility where they will be stored in a protected and temperature controlled environment.

We even go a step further, and bring moving boxes to you, if you choose. At your request, we will provide a team of movers that will help you to pack your belongings into your SMARTBOX container, helping to make your moving process quick and easy.   

SMART Local Moving Assistance

SMARTBOX is especially helpful if you are trying to sell your home locally. Our convenient portable moving containers can move clutter out of the way, helping you to stage the perfect home for open houses and potential interested buyers. If you are downsizing and moving from a house to an apartment, SMARTBOX containers are perfect for helping with your local move. Our compartmentalized containers will help to keep your items separated by room, helping you to stay organized in the process. If you have a local office that has become too cluttered, we can help with that too by moving unused and outdated items out of the way. SMARTBOX will always roll out the welcome mat for the work and preparation involved with the task of moving because we offer smart and proven solutions that help.

Call us today at 1.87.SMARTBOX (1.877.627.8269) so that you can join the millions of other customers we serve throughout the country and discover just how simple, secure and effective local moving can really be.