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SMARTBOX - The Preferred Solution For On Demand Storage in Indianapolis

Do you need to declutter your home, downsize your office, or simply need extra storage space for your belongings? SMARTBOX provides an efficient, convenient, and affordable method of self-storage. Our portable storage containers are structured to be easy to pack, secure during transport, and provide you with a convenient way to store your belongings in one of our local Indianapolis self-storage facilities.


SMARTBOX storage containers were engineered to have several advantages over PODS®. SMARTBOX containers come in one size only and are 7' tall - the perfect height to move your things in and out of without having to stack things too high up. This makes them safer and easier to pack and unload, and since they only come in one size, it simplifies the process of figuring out how many you'll need to make your move.

SMARTBOX containers also have a door that swings open wide, and locks securely with multiple closures. Unlike PODS®, they also come with padlocks standard - so you won't have to worry about securing your own to keep your items safe and sound.

We also have PODS® beat on volume. Have a lot to move? No problem. We can drop off up to eight portable storage containers for you in a single trip.

SMARTBOX containers are constructed with a wooden interior to let your belongings breathe. They'll never rust due to wet weather, and they come with covers to protect against the elements.

Better still, pricing is always transparent and up front at SMARTBOX. When you give us a call, one of our representatives will be able to give you a free quote over the phone. We also include 30 days of storage with our base pricing, and our rates stay consistent and won't go up on a monthly basis. We routinely run special offers and offer a price match guarantee, so you not only get a great moving experience - you save money, too.


The service you get with SMARTBOX portable moving containers has several advantages over traditional moving options like U-Haul® rental trucks. SMARTBOX services were designed from the ground up to be mobile and on-demand, unlike traditional storage facilities that make use of rental trucks.

SMARTBOX has built it’s reputation on innovative products and providing quality service and care to our customers. Giants of the storage industry like U-Haul® simply can’t provide the detailed attention to their customers that we provide. U-Haul® can be prone to overbooking times, especially during busy times of the year when many people are moving.

You also get a lot of features from our portable moving containers that simply outclass the moving experience you’d get by renting a U-Haul® truck. SMARTBOX moving containers provide ground-level loading and unloading, meaning you won’t have to deal with dangerous ramps and dollies. We can deliver up to eight portable containers to your home at once, saving you space outside.

When you order a SMARTBOX, you have all the time you need to pack it – so you’ll never be rushed to get your truck back to the facility like you could be with U-Haul®. Better yet, 30 days storage is always included in the price.

Since our portable containers are dropped off and delivered from door to door, there’s no need for you to do any driving, and our shipping solutions are friendlier to the environment, too.

Best of all, we run special offers frequently and offer a price match guarantee – meaning you not only get a better moving experience, you save money as well. 

How To Get Started

SMARTBOX is your best bet when it comes to storage in Indianapolis! For more information on our storage services in Indianapolis, give us a call at (877) 627-8269 to get a free quote. One of our storage experts will give you all the details you need about our local facilities in Indiana. We look forward to hearing from you soon!