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A move to a new city often brings about new challenges that can sometimes be stressful or overwhelming.  SMARTBOX portable moving and storage is proud to be of service to many people across the United States, including the Woodbridge Township area.  Our friendly, customer service based employees will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your needs, goals, and expectations are met, while having an enjoyable experience with us.  Get started with SMARTBOX today! 1-877-627-8269

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Welcome to Woodbridge Township

Woodbridge Township is in Middlesex County, New Jersey.  This township is the oldest of its kind in the state of New Jersey and is named for John W. Woodbridge.  The area was incorporated by the Township Act of 1798 on February 21st of that year as part of the one hundred and four townships incorporated in the state under the Township Act.  

Special Points of Interest

There are several things for both adults and children to do in the Woodbridge Township area.  Take the kids by Kidz Village, an indoor playground that is a great option when the weather is not cooperating.  If you enjoy shopping, then the Woodbridge Center is just for you.  It is known for being one of the largest malls on the East Coast, having many retail and restaurant options.  Also, if you are an art enthusiast, take a trip to the Barron Arts Center, which offers art and paintings to all age groups in many different forms.  And lastly, if you want a taste of the outdoors, take a trip through William Warren Park.  This attraction offers a variety of outdoor activities, from basketball courts and softball fields to playgrounds, biking, and hiking paths.   

Moving to Woodbridge Township

Our team at SMARTBOX would love to be of service to you as you make your move to Woodbridge Township.  All of our company’s moving strategies are built around affordability, portability, customer service, and convenience.  As mentioned, it all starts with our friendly customer service representatives giving you a free quote.  We will ask you detailed, engaging questions that will allow us to put together a relocation strategy to specifically meet your every need.  Family moves, college moves, military moves, business moves, etc.  Our team members at SMARTBOX always have you covered. 

And one of the best parts about SMARTBOX is our upfront, no-hidden fees approach.  We believe that this approach allows us to understand how to better serve our customers, while allowing our customers to know what will be expected from them financially throughout the entire moving process.

 Moving Locally In Woodbridge Township

Local moves within any city can sometimes be very demanding and stressful on any individual.  However when you choose to move with us at SMARTBOX, you can relax and breathe easier because we are your stress reliever the moment we agree to work together.   

Whether it is ten minutes on city streets or twenty minutes down the interstate, SMARTBOX is here for you.  Just let us know your desired time frame for moving, a pick up and drop off point, and we will drop off the number of storage units you need.  You can pack at your own pace or our movers will be happy to assist you.  We take pride in being very flexible, being able to meet your specific needs and wants.

Storage Options

There is another question that you must think about and answer during your transition phase.  What am I going to do with all of my stuff if I cannot move directly from one location to another?  SMARTBOX has a great, user-friendly storage process that has proven to be very effective for many of our customers.  One of the first things you need to know is SMARTBOX only charges you for the amount of storage space you actually use.  You will be given an accurate estimate of the number of units you need during the free quote process, or through the use of our online storage estimator. 

Our SMARTBOX eight foot by seven foot by five foot portable units are capable of holding up to three thousand pounds or a room and a half of storage.  Our easy to access, climate-controlled containers have wooden interior which will protect your things from rust and mildew.  Once your items are locked inside our units, rest easy because the storage units are equipped to handle all weather conditions.  Your things will remain safe and untouched until you are ready to move forward with the unpacking process

Moving From Woodbridge Township

When you have to make a move that requires you to go to a new city, this can take a physical and emotional toll on you at times.  SMARTBOX is here to assist you and your family during times like these.  All of our employees, from customer service representatives to the actual moving teams themselves, are very experienced in coordinating moves, regardless of the distance involved.  We will drop off your units on the specific day assigned.  When they are packed and ready for transport, we will pick them up and drive them to your new location, with in-transit insurance covering all the cargo we transport.  Your things are in good hands with our team for as long as you need.  We will take care of your things as if they were our own.  Take your time, SMARTBOX is here to work for and serve you. 

Are you going to need an extended amount of time in between location changes to store your belongings?  That’s not a problem with SMARTBOX.  We can offer long-term or short-term storage options at one of our storage facilities.  Take as much time as you need, your valuables will be waiting on you, untouched and unharmed. 

Are you a college student or member of the military who will be moving to another city to go to school or serve our country?  SMARTBOX has your back! Make sure to ask about our college student and military discount during your free quote process.  We always want everyone to know how much we appreciate them, while trying to help them reach their goals and dreams.

 All of our employees at SMARTBOX hope that the above information gives you enough confidence to trust us to be your next moving and storage service provider.  We will do anything and everything we can to make sure that a trusting relationship is built, and you have a positive experience with us.  If you need any further information about our moving and storage process or want to partner with us, dial 1-877-627-8269 today!


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