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Known for its beautiful red rock mountain landscapes and desert views, the state of Arizona offers natural beauty that will make you glad you have chosen to call the state of Arizona your new home. From the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon to the striking presence of Hoover Dam at the edge of where Arizona meets Nevada, the state of Arizona is one that offers adventure, scenic views and opportunity.

If you are moving to the state of Arizona, you will be happy to know that SMARTBOX offers quality and affordable moving services that will help you to relocate within your moving budget. We understand that planning a move can be expensive, especially if you are relocating from another state or city within the state of Arizona. For this reason, we strive to always put the needs of our customers first, and we will provide you with a free quote before any moving services are completed. Once you know the cost of your move, we will deliver our portable moving containers directly to you so that you can conveniently pack your belongings and avoid the hassle of having to reserve and pick up a moving truck.  

SMARTBOX is pleased to serve the state of Arizona with quality moving and storage service, and we look forward to helping you with your next move! .  

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Welcome to Arizona

Located in the southwestern United States, the state of Arizona stands where the west and mountain west meet. With a vast amount of desert area covering the state, Arizona experiences warm summers and mild winter temperatures. 

The capital of Arizona is Phoenix, the largest city in the state. Arizona is known for its large variety of national parks, canyons and forests. Translated from the Spanish derivative, Arizonac which means “small spring” the name Arizona was chosen for the official state name. 

Home to Arizona State University and the University of Phoenix, Arizona has a large supply of schools and universities offering great educational programs and learning opportunities.

A fun fact about the state of Arizona is that it represents one of the Four Corner states that make up the Four Corners Monument. In fact, what makes the Four Corners Monuments so special is that you can actually touch four states all at once. The other three states included in the monument are Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.

Additional fun, interesting and historical facts include the discovery of planet Pluto, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Travel back in time to Williams, Arizona to visit a prehistoric replica of Bedrock City, inspired by the hit television series, “The Flinstones.”



As you experience some of the fun and historical places throughout the state, you are bound to see a cactus along the way. In fact, if you find yourself in southern Arizona, you will definitely encounter on of the largest cactus plants in the state called the Saguaro Cactus. They have the ability to grow over 40 feet tall. 

Special Points of Interest

By far, The Grand Canyon stands out as one of the most admired and special points of interest, both in Arizona and the world.  With millions of visitors touring the vast National Park each year, many have experienced the natural beauty that only a visit in person can truly capture.

The Grand Canyon skywalk features amazing, breathtaking views and a mule ride through the Canyon will allow you to experience the heart of the Grand Canyon and its beautiful depth.

Sedona, Arizona is another special point of interest, known for its signature red rocks and beautiful hues of color variations. The Desert Botanical Garden features a variety of exhibits and displays, all designed to help educate visitors about deserts, desert plants and more.

Science lovers will enjoy a visit to the Arizona Science Center, while outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the wonderful hiking and climbing Camelback Mountain offers. Spend a day of family fun at the Phoenix Zoo or take a drive up to the border where Arizona and Nevada meet and experience the extraordinary architecture of the Hoover Dam.

Moving to the state of Arizona will allow you to experience several great places in the western United States, and we hope you will choose SMARTBOX to help get you there!


Moving to Arizona

Moving to the state of Arizona is affordable, and SMARTBOX offers moving services that will help you to maintain your moving budget. We offer special discounts for college students, university faculty and staff. We also offer discounts to active military troops.

Our moving services work great for business owners looking to relocate their business, and SMARTBOX is ideal for busy families on the go or individuals who need a little more time and flexibility to complete a move.

If you will be moving to the Arizona area, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote on what the cost of your move will be. We will gladly answer any questions you have to help you achieve all of your moving goals.

Moving Locally In Arizona

Why stress out about moving timelines or high moving prices when you can move smarter with SMARTBOX? Whether you are completing a local residential move, or you are a local business looking to relocate to another part of the state, SMARTBOX has a moving solution that is just right for you.

Residential local moves are convenient with SMARTBOX because we bring our portable moving resources directly to you. This is ideal if you are moving across town or relocating to a nearby neighboring area.  We offer simple and secure moving solutions to help you meet all of your local moving needs. 

If you are a commercial business looking to relocate within the state of Arizona, SMARTBOX offers great options to help you move with ease. Our moving methods are secure which means we will protect your items and belongings to ensure that you are provided with the highest level of service we can offer.

Storage Options

SMARTBOX knows storage, and we also know that Arizona summers can get a little warm. We will gladly store your storage container in one of our temperature controlled storage facilities, and if you choose to store your storage unit on site, our breathable, canvas design allows the contents of your storage container to stay fresh without a closed up storage feel.

We offer long-term and short-term storage options, so whether you need to store your belongings for a few months or a year, SMARTBOX has you covered.

Moving From Arizona

After experiencing all that the beautiful state of Arizona has to offer, you may never want to move, but if you decide to relocate from the Arizona area, give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you with all of your moving needs. SMARTBOX moving containers are designed for long distance transport, so you can rest assured knowing that your move is in quality hands.

Each of our units are 8 feet long by 7 feet tall by five feet wide, making for easy loading and unloading capability. With SMARTBOX, you only pay for the space you use, helping you to stay within your moving budget.

If you are ready to get started using SMARTBOX today, give us a call at 1.87.SMARTBOX (1.877.627.8269) and we will gladly assist you!


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