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Parents and college students alike dread that end of the year move out for summer! Having to lug your mini fridge, clothes and other dorm room stuff home is not how anyone wants to begin their summer. For one bundled price, SMARTBOX will deliver a storage unit to campus that you will simply load and lock. SMARTBOX will pick your storage unit up for summer storage and return it back to you in the fall for unloading. Students love it because they need to focus on final exams, not renting a truck or finding a place to store their stuff. Parents love it because they pay one flat fee for the entire summer and prevent all of the dorm room junk from cluttering up their garage. Schools love it because the end of the year move out is organized and easy for students. Once again, SMARTBOX saves the day!

How to Pack and Store Your Items When Moving to College

Your move to college can be stressful, but we can help reduce that stress, at least a little, with our shipping solutions. When you're moving to college, even if that means long-distance moving, you can order one of our SMARTBOX containers. Pack your items securely, making sure all breakables are wrapped well and fit snugly into boxes.

When you're ready to make your move, let us know. We'll pick up the container, set delivery dates and give you delivery updates so that your college things are right where you need them to be when you move in for the semester. You can unpack, set up and get ready to study.

Summer Storage for College Students

If you've been living in a dorm room or in an on-campus apartment during the school year, you'll likely have to move out during the summer. This can lead to all kinds of college student storage dilemmas as you scramble to find a place for all your stuff. SMARTBOX, provides a useful storage service that can assist you in moving your personal belongings and keeping them safely stored over your vacation.

You can rent one of our portable storage containers, the SMARTBOX, pack it full of your things, and securely store it with us. When you're ready to go back to school, our professional movers bring your storage container right to you, and you can unpack and settle in.

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