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Welcome to Fairfax! Our team at SMARTBOX would love to assist you as you make the transition to a new city.  Our relocation organization has been meeting customer’s portable moving and storage needs since 2002.  Our core values are centered around everyone we serve.  We strive to provide you with a flexible and affordable experience, while making customer satisfaction a primary priority.  If you are ready to get your moving process started with a free quote, our representatives are standing by.  Dial 1-877-627-8269 today!

Welcome to Fairfax

Located in northern Virginia, the city of Fairfax is part of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Metropolitan area.  The city received its name from Thomas Fairfax who was the sixth Lord Fairfax of Cameron.  Fairfax was settled in the early eighteenth century by farmers from Virginia’s Tidewater region, eventually being established as the town of Providence by the state legislature in 1805.  The city was officially named the Town of Fairfax in 1874, and later being incorporated as a city under Virginia law in 1961.  As of 2015, the city’s population was just over twenty-four thousand people.

Special Points of Interest

There is much history and many annual events in Fairfax to entertain both tourists and residents.  The City of Fairfax Historic District is home to twenty-eight buildings in the central business district of the city.  Some of the most notable are Old Town Hall, the Barbour Building, and the First National Bank of Fairfax.  The Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. 

If you get hungry while walking around the Historic District, stop by 29 Diner.  It is one of the few survivors of the once heavily populated streamlined modern diners that operated in the US.  This high quality diner has done a tremendous job of standing the test of time. 

Other points of interests around Fairfax include George Mason University, Chocolate Lovers Festival, Fairfax Civil War Day, Irish Festival, Fall Festival, and Fall for the Book Festival.   

Moving to Fairfax

Do you need help making the move to Fairfax? SMARTBOX is proud to have a presence in the city, and we would love to assist you.  Let’s get started with a free quote.  Our customer service representatives will explain our no-hidden fee approach, while engaging you in a series of questions to find out the necessary information in order to create a moving strategy just for you.  Once all the information is gathered and we know what your exact needs are, SMARTBOX will go to work for you.   It is our hope at SMARTBOX that you will have an enjoyable experience with us, and a long-lasting relationship can be formed.



Moving Locally In Fairfax

Are you looking to move within the city limits of Fairfax?  Our team at SMARTBOX is here to help you, whether it’s four streets over or all the way across the city.  We will drop off the exact number of portable units you need, assist with packing if requested, and handle all of the driving between locations.

Are you a college student who will be attending George Mason University or another school in the area? Will you be moving into a dorm or an apartment?  Do you need moving assistance?  SMARTBOX has you covered.  Just let our representatives know during the free quote process that you are enrolled in a college or university, and you will qualify for our college student discount.  This can be applied towards your moving, storage, and delivery cost.  And do not worry, we have faculty and staff covered too.  Faculty and staff members at colleges and universities will receive $20.00 off your delivery service. 

Storage Options

When you are in the process of a relocation, there may come a time when you need a place to store all of your stuff.  SMARTBOX has easy-to-use, convenient storage options designed to meet your needs.  Our portable units sit low enough to the ground to be accessed without the use of a ramp.  Once inside, our wooden interior will protect your belongings against harmful substances such as rust and mildew.  Once all of your items are packed, they will remain safe and secure in our climate-controlled, weather-resistant storage containers for as long as needed.

Whether you are in need of long-term or short-term storage options, SMARTBOX has all the resources capable of meeting your desires.  Contact us today if you have any further questions.

  Moving From Fairfax

A lot of thoughts can go through your head when you know you will be moving to another city.  If you will be moving away from Fairfax, SMARTBOX wants to do our part to help you make the transition as easy as possible.  Our team members are very experienced and capable of coordinating all moves away from the city of Fairfax, regardless of the distance.  Remember, we handle all the driving between locations, offering in-transit insurance on all of our cargo.  And, if you are not going to be able to complete your move in one day’s time, we will gladly find one of our storage facilities in other cities along the way.  There is no rush, we are on your time frame.  We can get the job done as quickly, or take as long as you may need, SMARTBOX is here to work for and serve you during your time of transition.


We are in hope that the above information will help you make a smart choice when choosing your next moving and storage company.  If you would like to partner with SMARTBOX, or have any more questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-627-8269.