In the world of moving pods and storage companies, you have a lot of options to choose from. Not only do you have to decide whether to go full DIY or full-service moving, but there are many different moving and storage companies to keep in mind when making your decision. With that in mind, we are often asked how SMARTBOX measures up as a Go Mini’s alternative. Here’s the skinny on how we compare to Go Mini’s:

Types of Containers from SMARTBOX and Go Mini’s

Go Mini’s storage containers come in three sizes -- 12, 16 and 20 feet -- and are made of steel. They also have padded wheels so that they are gentle on your property. However, as of this writing, Go Mini’s only handles local moves -- no long distance moving services.

SMARTBOX containers are weather resistant, help protect the items inside, and are extremely versatile -- great for when you need anything from temporary storage to moving pods for either local or long distance moves. Unlike Go Mini’s containers, ours are built with an interior wooden structure that allows the contents to “breathe” so they are less susceptible to rust, mold and mildew.

Because of their compact size and superior design, each SMARTBOX pod holds about a room and a half’s worth of items and is easy to place on your property. Our moving pods also accommodate about 3,000 pounds each.

How SMARTBOX is Different

SMARTBOX only offers one size of container -- 8’ x 7’ x 5’ -- but that’s also the key to our versatility: You can rent just the amount of space you need for your belongings. That keeps your possessions safer because it’s a better fit, and this also helps keep costs down when you just need a little space, such as when you need to move the contents of a small apartment or a dorm room.

We handle local moves as well as long distance moves (unlike Go Mini’s, which only does local moving), and our storage pods are also ideal for military storage, college student storage, seasonal or temporary storage, and much more. We’re happy to help both residential and commercial customers with our simple and convenient storage and moving services.

SMARTBOX offers a great option for those who want to do a DIY move or a hybrid move -- meaning you load and unload the containers, and we transport them. Whatever you choose, it’s our goal to deliver not just the best moving pods but also superior customer service and a great experience!


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