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SMARTBOX would like to welcome you to the city of Rock Hill.  We are very fortunate to have a presence in the area as a portable moving service and storage provider.  We have been meeting the needs and desires of all of our valued customers since to 2002, and we would love to offer our services to you as well.  Our company takes great pride in putting our customers at the forefront of everything we do, while creating an enjoyable experience for everyone.  Get started with us today!  Dial 1-877-627-8269, you will not regret it.

Welcome to Rock Hill

Rock Hill is the fifth largest city in the state of South Carolina and is located twenty-five miles south of Charlotte, while being seventy miles north of Columbia.  Rock Hill did not officially become a town until the Charlotte and South Carolina railroad companies decided to put a railroad in the area.  This helped draw settlers to the area, which helped start Rock Hill Academy in 1854, the first known school in the city. 

Rock Hill also was heavily involved in the American Civil War.  Because of its position, the city became a transfer point for Confederate soldiers and supplies moving in and out of the area.  Since there was no local hospital, residents often nursed the wounded from their homes, while fleeing refugees also came to the city.    

The city was officially incorporated on February 12, 1870 on its third attempt when there were fifty-seven petition signees who were in favor of it.  The twentieth century would go on to see several civil rights movements in the area that would add to the history of Rock Hill that residents and tourist of the city can still learn about today. 

Special Points of Interest

Rock Hill has several points of interest for people of all ages to enjoy.  Whether you enjoy sports and recreation, nature and outdoors, or festive activities, this city has something for you.  The Rock Hill Outdoors Center has 250 acres of recreational space to offer with nature trails, bike trails, and more.

There are several parks in the area that have access to scenic river views, along with several canoeing and kayaking options.   Combine this with several family-friendly activities, along with arts and crafts options, and you have yourself a great place to live or tour in Rock Hill. 

Moving to Rock Hill

Moving to a new place can be somewhat challenging, there are several variables that have to be accounted for.  Fortunately for you, that is where SMARTBOX can come into play.  Make the smart choice and allow us to take care of all of your moving and storage needs as you make your transition to a new city.  Our customer-friendly service representatives begin every new relocation assessment with a free quote.  They will ask engaging questions, making sure that you provide all the information needed to accurately put together a strategy to meet your goals.

The best part is, with SMARTBOX, there are no hidden fees.  By the end of your free quote process, you will know exactly what to expect from a financial standpoint throughout the entire relocation partnership. 

Moving Locally In Rock Hill

Our team at SMARTBOX will gladly provide you with local moving services.  We will drop off the exact number of portable units you need, assisting with packing if you wish.  Just let us know when you are ready to have your belongings transported to a new location, and we will be there ready to handle the transporting.  Whether it’s just down the street, or all the way across town, we will get the job done effectively, efficiently, and on your time schedule.

Storage Options

The question may pop into your head, “What am I going to do with all of this stuff in between locations?” Well, SMARTBOX can answer that with our easy-to-use, convenient storage options.  Our eight by seven by five foot, portable storage containers are capable of holding up to three thousand pounds.  Our units sit low enough to the ground so that an entrance ramp is not needed.  The SMARTBOX units allow for maximum maneuverability.  You have the option of organizing your items so that each area of the house can have its own section.  The kitchen appliances will never get stuck with the lawn care items

The wooden interior of our climate-controlled containers will protect your things against rust, mildew, and other harmful substances. Once everything is safe and secure inside the unit, it will be well protected.  Our portable containers are equipped and can withstand any weather condition.

And one more very important aspect that we want to be sure to mention is you are only charged for the amount of space you at use.  This is just another way SMARTBOX stands behind one of its core business values, customer-focused satisfaction. 

Moving From Rock Hill

When you have to make a move that requires you to go to a new city, this can take a physical and emotional toll on you at times.  SMARTBOX is here to assist you and your family during times like these.  All of our employees, from customer service representatives to the actual moving teams themselves, are very experienced in coordinating moves, regardless of the distance involved.  We will drop off your units on the specific day assigned.  When they are packed and ready for transport, we will pick them up and drive them to your new location, with in-transit insurance covering all the cargo we transport.

Not going to be able to make it to your new destination within one days’ time? That’s not a problem when you partner with SMARTBOX.  We will gladly store you valuables at one of our storage facilities in between locations if needed.  Your things are in good hands with our team for as long as you need.  We will take care of your things as if they were our own.  Take your time, SMARTBOX is here to work for and serve you. 


All of our employees at SMARTBOX hope that the above information gives you enough confidence to trust us to be your next moving and storage service provider.  We will do anything and everything we can to make sure that a trusting relationship is built, and you have a positive experience with us.  If you need any further information about our moving and storage process or want to partner with us, dial 1-877-627-8269 today!