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Portable Storage Vs. Traditional Storage

Whether you're moving to a new house, clearing out your apartment, or getting ready to move your belongings to a college dorm, your first thought might be to rent out a traditional storage unit. You can stash your belongings there and pick them up when you're ready to retrieve them. Sounds easy, right? But in fact, investing in a traditional storage unit involves a lot of extra work that can be avoided with a portable storage unit.

A portable storage unit offers you much more flexibility. You get the containers shipped right to your house, load them up with goods and belongings, and have them transported to the facility. No hauling away boxes in your car or paying for expensive moving vehicles. It's affordable, it's efficient, and it's much easier than driving back and forth between your house and a storage unit. Here's why you should invest in portable storage next time you relocate.

1. Portable Storage Is Shipped Right to Your House

You don't have to drive to the storage unit—the storage unit comes to you. With portable storage, the containers are shipped to your house in the mail. You fill them with goods and belongings, then call the company to have them pick it up. No more waiting for the storage facility to open or trying to make it to the building before they close. It's all done right at your house, which means you can work at your own pace.

2. Portable Storage Allows You to Skip the Moving Truck

Nobody enjoys moving. But the extra fees and hours of work associated with loading up a moving trailer make it even more challenging. With portable storage, you can pack your belongings into the storage units, have the company pick them up, and then collect your belongings at your new location. Each container usually has enough space for one room's worth of belongings, so you can divide up the containers by room instead of trying to cram everything into the trailer and sort it out later. Portable storage is a great way to save both time and money.

3. Portable Storage Is Great for Traveling Businesses

Some jobs require a lot of travel, and if you're getting ready for a big conference or trade show, you don't always have space to pack everything in the back of your minivan. With portable storage, you can load up your equipment directly at the office, have it stored at the facility, and unpack the storage at the show or conference. Commercial portable storage also gives business owners extra storage space for goods that can't be stored at their office.

4. Portable Storage Is Easier to Unpack

No more cramming and hauling dozens of boxes out of the back of a moving trailer. With portable storage, it's easy to unpack the container and bring everything inside. It's neat and orderly, and much less likely to damage your fragile belongings.

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