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Are you interested in relocating to New Jersey?  If the answer is yes, then let our team at SMARTBOX help you.  We want to assist you with some of the preparation that is involved with the moving process.  We have put together some helpful information that will help you learn more about the state, while making your transition phase as efficient as possible.  

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Welcome to New Jersey

Known as the “Garden State,” New Jersey was first inhabited by the Delaware Indians ten thousand years ago.  The state began to grow and prosper in the early 1800’s when Camden, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Newark, and Passaic all became prominent manufacturing centers. 

New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in the country.  However, do not let its size fool you, it is considered to be the third wealthiest state in the US, with ninety percent of the state’s population living in urban areas.  Some of the nation’s best school systems lie in these urban areas.  According to a 2015 analysis done by, New Jersey ranked third in best overall school systems.  The hotel and gaming industries are also big attractions in the state.  Atlantic City is home to many of the nation’s top hotels, casinos, and restaurants that help stimulate that state’s overall economy.   

The SMARTBOX family would like to welcome you to New Jersey.  Whether you are a family of four or a single person, we are confident and ready to assist you with all your moving needs.


Special Points of Interest

New Jersey has many recreational activities to offer visitors and permanent residents of the state.  Take a stroll on one of our luxurious boardwalks while enjoying fine dining and many entertainment options.  Whether its steak at one of the casinos in Atlantic City or seafood at one of the hotspots on the beach, New Jersey has got you covered. 

Grab your surfboard and catch a wave or two on the Jersey Shore.  Many surf enthusiasts begin to flock to this destination in May and on into late summer to experience the thrill and adrenalin rush of the being on a board, either in competitive surfing or individual enjoyment.  

New Jersey has several options for those who enjoy professional sports as well.  The NFL, NHL, and NBA all have a presence in the state.  The New York Giants and New Jets both play home games in Meadowlands, while the Brooklyn Nets and New Jersey Devils also call the Garden State home.

Moving to New Jersey

If you are planning to move to New Jersey, our friendly, experienced team of movers at SMARTBOX are at your service and ready to help.  We offer several different moving options that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and wants.

And if you are wandering:  Yes, we do offer discounts and special offers for our customers, from college students to active military service members.  So rest assured, we are here for you, and the relocation process will be made easy with our team at SMARTBOX. 

Listed below are some additional resources that can further assist you with your move to New Jersey: The official website for the State of New Jersey.  This is a great way for new residents to familiarize themselves with various aspects of living daily life in New Jersey.   All the interesting facts about New Jersey.  Everything from the origin of the state name, to the state bird to the state tree.  A great way to do background research on New Jersey before, during, or after you establish residence in the state.

Contact one of our trusted service members today at 1-877-627-8269 to start the moving process today!



Moving Locally In New Jersey

Any move, no matter the distance, always has challenges that must be met.  These challenges can range from cost to scheduling to moving personnel.  SMARTBOX offers a customer focused, upfront moving approach, with no hidden fees.  The price you are quoted on day one will remain the same on day thirty.  As our valued customer, you can take piece in knowing that we are both customer and financially friendly.


Storage Options

At SMARTBOX, storage, flexibility, and reliability are all words that go hand and hand.  These qualities are important to our customers, so they are important to our company.  All of our storage containers are portable and climate controlled.  Our customers can take comfort in the fact that your belongings remain protected and unharmed at your new location or one of our storage facilities for as long as you need.

Need extra hands packing or unpacking your storage unit? Ask us, we will be happy to help you.  We understand that the more help you have, the smoother the moving process will go.  Our moving teams at SMARTBOX will be happy to be your extra sets of hands. 


Moving From New Jersey

Your move may take you out of the state of New Jersey.  SMARTBOX is here to help if this situation applies to you and your family.  Our team understands that you want, and probably need to worry about things other than the moving process during this time.  Allow us to handle the transition process for you.  We can assist in anything from a job transfer to moving your children to college.  No distance is too far or too short.  Just let us know how many units you need, when you need them, and we will make it happen.  You will only be charged for the storage you use.  We will maintain and protect your cargo every step of the way.  We will even coordinate and store your belongings over night between locations if need be.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you as your moving service provider in the state of New Jersey.  If you would like a free quote or any other additional information, please contact one of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to assist you.