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Do you try to avoid the moving process because of all of the extra details that go with it? Are you looking for a more convenient way to complete your next move? If you answered yes to one or even both of those questions, let us introduce you to an easier way of completing your move.  Experience a SMARTBOX move, and allow us to show you just how convenient and easy a move can be.

If you are moving to, within or from the Huntington Park area, we have great resources that will guide you through your entire moving process. From helping you to determine how many moving containers you will need, to providing you with a free quote in advance, we believe in making sure that the storage and moving solutions we offer will help you to get the most out of your moving experience. 



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Welcome to Huntington Park

Huntington Park, California is one of the many cities that make up the Los Angeles County area. Named after Henry E. Huntington, Huntington Park was incorporated as a city in the Los Angeles area in 1906.

Huntington Park quickly expanded, growing into a large business area, and today the city is strong in retail produce markets and various other business industries that keep the city thriving. Huntington Park’s location offers convenient access to several places in the greater Los Angeles metro area, making it a great place to move to.

Special Points of Interest

Huntington Park is located relatively close to the Pacific Ocean, by far, one of the most beautiful points of interest in the area. Enjoy some nature at one of the Parks and Recreational areas in Huntington Beach. Bring your appetite because The Farmer’s Market is a great place to visit for fresh fruits and vegetables and delicious food. If you like local events and enjoying a festival or two, Huntington Park has all that and more!

SMARTBOX will be happy to assist you in moving to the Huntington Park area, and we look forward to becoming your moving resource provider.

Moving to Huntington Park

If you are planning to move to Huntington Park, we will be happy to assist you with the moving resources you need to complete your move. Our moving services are simple and secure, offering you convenient, quality resources to help meet your moving needs. Our portable moving containers provide you with the option to organize your move, room by room, which is ideal once you begin the unpacking process on the other side of your move.

Whether you are moving from another state, or you are transferring to Huntington Park from across the country, SMARTBOX has great moving resources that will enable you to complete your move in a smarter way.

If you would like to find out what makes SMARTBOX so special, contact us today that you can speak to one of our trained moving specialists. We will guide you through how the SMARTBOX moving process works, and provide you with a free quote.

Moving Locally In Huntington Park

SMARTBOX is a great local moving resource for individuals, families, businesses and more! Our direct delivery to your door allows you to avoid the extra added step of finding a moving truck, driving to pick it up, and bringing it back. With SMARTBOX, our moving services are all rolled into one neat package designed to make your local move within Huntington Park convenient and easy.


Storage Options

If you are looking for a great storage option in Huntington Park, that meets your space requirement and storage needs, look no further. SMARTBOX can provide that and more! We understand that storage space can be limited, and we want to help you solve all of your storage needs.

SMARTBOX offers a variety of storage services that include, temperature controlled, short-term and long-term storage. We also have secure, storage protection at our SMARTBOX storage facility, which is great for storing household or office items. Our storage options are convenient for seasonal storage, events and remodeling or renovation needs.  We have so many ways that our storage can help you, why wait another minute, call today, and let us provide you with storage solutions that work!


Moving From Huntington Park

If you are planning to move from Huntington Park and you need a reliable moving company, call SMARTBOX. Our portable moving containers are designed for long distance and local moves. Our weatherproof canvas protection will keep your belongings protected through rain or shine across the miles, so you can rest easy knowing your move is secure with SMARTBOX.

To learn more about our moving and storage services, give us a call at 1-87-SMARTBOX (1-877-627-8269). Our moving and storage specialists will gladly assist you!