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When it comes to portable storage and mini storage solutions, SMARTBOX is one of the best in the business. We’re often asked how SMARTBOX compares to other competitors such as Mobile Mini Storage, so we’re taking this opportunity to compare our services with our competitor to let you see how we stack up as a Mobile Mini Storage alternative!

Types of Containers

Mobile Mini Storage offers rentals of all-steel containers that are weather-resistant. They are made from 100 percent corrugated steel, with no wood, and come with different door options. Mobile Mini Storage primarily rents its storage containers as portable storage for businesses who need a temporary way to store their records and other items during a move or remodeling, or as a temporary office space.

SMARTBOX containers help protect against damage to the items inside and can each accommodate about 3,000 pounds. They are weather resistant and great when you need portable storage, mini storage or portable moving containers that really fit your exact needs (and your stuff!).

Sizes of Containers

Mobile Mini Storage rents its storage width containers in both standard width and extra wide varieties. The sizes range from 10 feet to 40 feet for standard width containers, and extra wide storage containers are available in 18 foot and 25 foot lengths. If you need storage and delivery but don’t have enough items to fill a container so that they are secure during transport, Mobile Minis can also provide supplies to help secure them.

SMARTBOX has one size of container -- 8 feet x 7 feet x 5 feet -- and these can each hold about a room and a half’s worth of storage. That means that you can store your items room by room and rent exactly the amount of storage you need.

The size of our storage containers is also the reason for the SMARTBOX difference: While you are unlikely to have room for more than one or two Mobile Mini storage containers, the compact size of a SMARTBOX portable moving container makes it an easier fit for both homeowners and businesses.


Pricing Structure

Mobile Mini’s pricing depends on the size(s) and number of storage containers you rent, and the rent is due every 28 days. They also offer storage containers for sale for those customers who need them very long-term or plan to use a storage container for office space.

As a Mobile Mini Storage alternative, SMARTBOX does not have containers that can be used as office space, and we don’t have a wide range of container sizes -- in fact, we have just one size. But because our business model is easier to understand and more transparent, SMARTBOX is an excellent choice over Mobile Mini Storage for those customers who just want a simple solution when remodeling or moving.

A Convenient Alternative to Traditional Storage Units

As opposed to traditional self storage, we bring the storage units to you -- as many as you need -- and their small size makes them easy to place without causing damage to your property. Our compact, portable storage containers are ideal for local or long distance moves, business storage, military storage, college student storage, seasonal storage and more.

It’s really hard to beat a SMARTBOX! We handle local or long distance moves, and can also store your belongings as long as you need. Contact us today for a quote!