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Moving to another town or city often means having to deal with a completely new environment. If you aren't properly prepared, you may be in for a few unfavorable surprises. Doing research about your relocation destination can help you avoid unexpected circumstances that may make it difficult for you to settle down and enjoy your new life. If you're planning to move to Sacramento, check out this guide to ensure a smooth transition.

Overview of Sacramento

Located about 88 miles northeast of San Francisco, Sacramento is the seat of Sacramento County and the capital city of California. With a population of about 500,000, it's the sixth-largest city in California and ninth-largest capital city in the United States. Being the seat of the Governor of California, California State Assembly, and Supreme Court of California, it's the political center of the state.

Sacramento is one of the fastest growing cities in California, partly because of its status as a major financial center and educational hub on the West Coast. In addition, it's a popular travel destination as it's home to many world-famous attractions. The city is also known for its rich history and evolving contemporary culture. Time magazine once named it “America's Most Diverse” city.

Climate in Sacramento

Sacramento experiences hot, dry, mostly clear summers and short, wet, cold winters. Over the course of a year, temperatures typically range from 39 degrees to 94 degrees Fahrenheit and seldom dip below 31 degrees or rise above 102 degrees. The wet season in the city lasts from early November to mid-April, with a higher than 16-percent chance of any given day being a wet day. The dry season occurs from mid-April to early November. The best time for warm-weather activities in Sacramento is from early June to late September.

Living in Sacramento

Sacramento has a slower pace of life than other major cities in California. Its residents are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, so you can expect to have an easy time striking up conversations and making friends with strangers. The city is also a great place to lead a healthy lifestyle because of its abundance of green spaces, outdoor activities, and farm-to-table restaurants. In addition, it offers a rewarding cultural experience with its vibrant art scene, excellent museums, and numerous cultural events.

Cost of Living in Sacramento

The residents of Sacramento benefit from a favorable income to cost-of-living ratio. Their average annual income is above the national average. Although home prices in the city are higher than the national median, they're significantly lower than those in other large Californian cities. This is one of the reasons why Sacramento is experiencing a rapid increase in population.

Education in Sacramento

If you're looking for a good school for your kids or planning to study in Sacramento, you'll have many great options available. The city is home to world-renowned universities such as California State University, Sacramento and University of California, Davis. It also has many other institutions of higher learning, including community colleges, private colleges, and vocational schools. As for primary and secondary education, the Sacramento area offers plenty of choices with its 169 public district schools and 333 private schools.

Top Restaurants in Sacramento

As “America's Farm-to-Fork Capital,” Sacramento is home to many restaurants offering seasonal menus that feature creative and nutritious dishes. Besides farm-to-table food, you can also enjoy a wide array of other cuisines, from American comfort food to exotic Asian dishes. Make sure you have a meal at these great restaurants in Sacramento:

1. Mother

Located in downtown Sacramento, Mother is a groundbreaking eatery that features an all-vegetarian menu. It serves creative farm-to-table dishes such as summer squash sandwich with mozzarella, farro-nectarine salad with arugula, and carrot-nut burger with caramelized onions.

2. Beast & Bounty

Beast & Bounty is a hit among both meat lovers and vegans. Helmed by expert butcher and charcuterist Brock McDonald, this restaurant makes innovative dishes that burst with flavor, such as grilled wild king salmon with roasted pear, watercress, and fennel and smoked apple with coconut curry and fried tofu.

3. Miyabi

Miyabi stands out among the numerous sushi restaurants in the region because of its authentic Japanese dishes, fresh ingredients, and great value for the money. It offers affordable bento boxes, udon, ramen, and donburi, but its main highlight is its raw fish, which is sublime whether it's in a baked roll or an elaborately plated sashimi platter.

Best Neighborhoods in Sacramento

Sacramento features an eclectic mix of neighborhoods with varying home prices, standards of living, and personalities. While all the neighborhoods have their pros and cons, some of them are more sought after than others. The following are widely regarded as the best neighborhoods in Sacramento:

1. Midtown

Midtown is a preferred residential area because of its great energy and vibe. Located near the State Capitol, it's the place where all the hip people hang out. With numerous restaurants, cafes, and wine bars, it's one of the best places in town for dining and nightlife. While it's popular among young 20-somethings, it also attracts many retirees partly because of its easily accessible retail corridor.

2. Tahoe Park

With its proximity to the downtown area and affordable homes, Tahoe Park is a magnet for young families and professionals. The homes in this well-designed neighborhood feature a wide range of architectural styles, and they're mostly canopied with mature trees. At the center of Tahoe Park, you'll find a 19-acre park that offers many recreational activities.

3. Elk Grove

Situated in West Sacramento, Elk Grove is one of the fastest growing communities in California. This old farming town has been experiencing a development boom over the past decade. It now fits the modern description of a subdivision with newer homes and repeated architecture throughout its residential areas. It also has excellent amenities and schools.

Sacramento is a dynamic city that offers the perfect blend of the modern and historic. Its strong economy, excellent amenities, top-notch education system, endless recreational opportunities, and high quality of life make it an appealing relocation and retirement destination. If you need an affordable and efficient moving service to deliver your stuff to Sacramento, feel free to contact our customer service representatives.


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