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Davidson portable storage premier provider

SMARTBOX would like to be some of the first people to welcome you to Davidson.  Our experienced team of portable moving and storage personnel have been serving customers throughout the United States since 2002.  Our customer-first, service approach allows us to make your goals and priorities our goals and priorities.  We would love the opportunity to partner with you for all of your relocation and storage needs.  Dial 1-877-627-8269 to receive a free quote today!  We cannot wait to get started!

Welcome to Davidson

Founded in 1837 and located on Lake Norman, Davidson is primarily centered around Davidson College.  The town itself was an original establishment of the college, named for General William Lee Davidson.  The land for the college came from Davidson’s estate, a large portion of which was donated by his son.

Although Davidson College is the primary focus of the town, there are other aspects that contribute to its success and growth as well.  The arrival of a railroad allowed Davidson to become a shipping point for cash crops, especially cotton.  Farmers also used the railroad as a service center.  The cotton mills helped increase the overall growth of the town from 500 residents to 1500 residents by the 1920’s.  The business district eventually evolved into rows of one to two story brick commercial buildings.

Presently, Charlotte has been a huge selling point that has helped Davidson grow to its current population of 10,000 people.  Restaurants, specialty shops, and especially Davidson College has helped stimulate the town’s professional opportunities.     

Special Points of Interest

Davidson has several points of interest that can entertain many people.  Whether you are a perspective college student looking to enroll in Davidson College, or a family looking to have fun, this town is a special place.  Davidson College Visual Art Gallery and Davidson Town Hall Rotunda offer several entertainment options for everyone year round.  April is Arts Month in Davidson, showcasing some of the area’s best art.  Gather family and friends for Concerts on the Green.  Lasting from May through September, this would be a great opportunity to enjoy food and fellowship, while listening to some great live music. 

Moving to Davidson

Relocating to a new city can be a time when many different kind of questions have to be answered.  SMARTBOX would love to provide the answer to all of your moving and storage needs.  It does not matter if you are a college student, family of four, or a business relocation.  Our team a SMARTBOX has everything you need.

One of the things we are most proud of at SMARTBOX is our college student discount.  Just let our service representatives know that you are enrolled in a college or university, and you will qualify for our College Student Discount.  This discount can be applied to your moving, storage, and delivery process.  We pride ourselves on helping all of our customers have an enjoyable experience with us, while helping them reach their goals. 

Moving Locally In Davidson

Your local moving needs will be met efficiently and effectively when you choose to partner with SMARTBOX.  During your free quote process, we will ask questions that will allow us to know the date of your move as well as the exact number of containers you will need.  You can do the packing on your own, or our SMARTBOX moving teams will be happy to assist you.  Either way, we pack at your pace and on your time frame.  And we handle all of the transporting.  You can rest assured that your things are in safe and secure hands with SMARTBOX. 

Storage Options

What am I going to do with all my things?”  This is a common question that is asked during the moving process, and luckily for you, SMARTBOX offers helpful storage options.  Whether it’s long term or short term storage, our portable units will meet your needs. Our containers are capable of holding three thousand pounds, and are spacious enough to allow maximum maneuverability once inside.  The wooden interior protects against rust and mildew, as well as other harmful substances.

Once the packing is complete, your items will remain secured, either at your new location or at one of our storage facilities for as long as you need in our weather- protected units.  And, one of the best things about all of our SMARTBOX services is the no hidden fees approach.  You are only charged for the amount of space you actually use.  This helps give our customers confidence that after their free quote is complete, the amount they are asked to pay will remain the same throughout the entire moving transition.     

Moving From Davidson

Are you going to be moving away from Davidson to another city? No matter how short or far the distance may be, SMARTBOX is ready and waiting to assist you.  Our team will drop off your units, pick them up, and transport them all the way across the United States if needed.  SMARTBOX employees are very well trained in coordinating all types of intra and interstate relocations, offering in-transit insurance on all the cargo we transport.  It does not matter if your move away from Davidson is going to take two days or two weeks, SMARTBOX has all the moving and storage resources to make your move happen effectively. 


We hope that the above information will allow you to make a smart choice when choosing your next portable moving and storage provider for your relocation needs.  If you have need any further information or want to partner with us, call 1-877-627-8269 today!


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