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Moving From New York to Florida

Florida continues to attract more New Yorkers and residents of northern regions. From lower cost of living to warm weather and beautiful beaches, many New Yorkers are relocating to Florida daily. Leaving regions marked by severe winters for states with pleasant weather all year round is nothing new.

The problem comes when choosing a reliable moving and storage company that helps you relocate all your items intact, safely, and conveniently. SMARTBOX has the expertise and experience for long-distance relocations at the customer's convenience.

Benefits of Moving From New York to Florida

The best thing about relocating to Florida is that you can still enjoy everything it offers without the downsides of an expensive lifestyle. Here are a few reasons to help you lean toward Florida and call this beautiful state your new home.

Easier Commute

Florida is a significantly large state with a surprisingly easy and short commute time compared to New York, where residents rely heavily on public transportation. Many residents in Florida get around using their own cars, which is a more convenient way to get to places faster.

While the state does have SunRail and other mass commuter options, the traffic is decent, as most residents can traverse their home cities in 45 minutes or less. You rarely have to worry about congested traffic or long wait times in intersections in Florida.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is one of the main reasons many people are relocating from New York to Florida. With so many great amenities, it's surprising how affordable Florida's housing is. The cost of living in this state is nearly 42% lower than in New York.

For example, the median home price in Orlando is around $280,000 but skyrockets to over $800,000 in New York City. The median renting price for a home in New York City is $3,600 monthly, while it's just $2,022 monthly in Orlando.

Besides affordable housing, residents enjoy affordable utilities and gas, which are much cheaper in Florida than in New York City.

No Income Tax

Relocating from New York to Florida alleviates your income state tax responsibilities. Florida is one of the seven states that does not collect individual income tax. The idea of keeping most of your hard-earned money is a tempting offer and one to make even more people make long-distance moves into Florida.

In contrast, New York's state income tax bracket ranges between 4 and 10.9%, depending on the earner's income.

Florida also boasts low-income housing with no credit check, making settling in relatively easy. Check out the neighborhoods, schools, and nearby public transit to help you choose the best housing areas for the right price.

Warmer Climate

Florida's weather is enough to make residents in other states jealous. The "Sunshine State" has over 200 sunshine-filled days annually and offers new residents exceptionally warm weather. Every day is the perfect sun-filled day to head to the state's beautiful beaches.

Despite its hot and humid summers, the seasons are mostly mild and warm, allowing for occasional outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. The state's tropical climates can climb to 90 degrees in the summer and maintain a mild and comfortable 70-80 degrees in the remaining 8 months.

Say goodbye to shoveling snow and bracing for the chilly, freezing winter cold. It's the perfect opportunity to trade those coats and snow boots for T-shirts and flip-flops.

Florida has some of the most popular, amazing cities. This section highlights the best cities to consider relocating to and find an ideal community:

  • Miami: Miami is the state's most vibrant, culturally diverse city and has become one of the largest international business hubs globally. Miami attracts young professionals specializing in the financial and trade industries. Its suburbs are also perfect for single-family homes and residential moves.

  • Orlando: This city is known as home to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and many other attractions and recreational activities. Orlando is a prime location for living, recreation, and businesses, offering a variety of services to its residents.

  • Tampa: As one of the most popular inbound cities in the United States, this city is a thriving hub for businesses, low cost of living, and various recreational activities that make it even more attractive. Tampa has drawn Major League Baseball, with several teams making the city their home for spring training and holiday getaways.

  • Jacksonville: Its pristine coastlines, culturally diverse communities, thriving attractions, and affordable cost of living make Jacksonville one of the top places to like in Florida. The city is bustling with theme parks and many family-themed activities with some of Florida's greatest, most affordable neighborhoods.

  • Fort Lauderdale: This city is famous for having some of the most renowned white sand beaches, culture, arts, and events that set it apart from other cities in Florida. From going on a shopping spree on Las Olas Boulevard to a boating trip on the Gondola rides along the canals, Fort Lauderdale is the "Venice of America."

Moving Costs and Expenses

When planning an interstate move, it's common to underestimate the costs of processes and other expenses. Often, customers only consider the obvious item costs, such as hiring a portable moving container and packing services. However, there may be more critical moving costs and fees to help you plan and stick to a budget. These include the following:

Long-Term Storage

SMARTBOX offers customers portable storage solutions and has developed a system that provides more flexibility, greater convenience, less stress, and better customer service than most existing storage companies.

Our portable SMARTBOX storage containers are structured for durability and convenience to meet our customers' on-demand mobile transport, and storage solutions. Our portable storage containers provide expert long-term solutions for all your storage needs.

Fit your furniture, appliances, clothing and many other possessions into our portable SMARTBOX storage container for long-term storage at your convenience.

Packing Supplies

Consider working with a reputable moving and storage company like SMARTBOX when planning a long-distance move. We use the right equipment for the packaging, storage and moving process to minimize physical strain and potential damage to your belongings. Commonly used moving equipment may include:

  • Ramps

  • Dollies

  • Moving blankets

  • Moving straps

  • Furniture covers

  • Moving trucks

Using the right moving equipment ensures a seamless and efficient move.

Moving Van Costs

Using a portable unit also offers the added benefit of long-term storage alongside transporting belongings cross-country. SMARTBOX provides a more accurate pricing plan once we know how much space you need. We don't quote a flat price for storage services you might not use.

Contact our capable team for a more detailed quote and affordable rates for packing, storage and moving solutions.

Moving Labor

Plan for the cost of movers if you prefer hiring professionals to transport your belongings. Remember, the cost increases if the move is long distance.

Additional Moving Services

The overall moving cost may increase if you use the mover's packing/unpacking or loading/unloading services. At a minimum, you'll have to pay for the moving service. The more services you use, the more you'll have to pay.


We understand that long-distance moves can be expensive and time-consuming. That's why we provide customers with affordable moving and storage solutions to make the move less tiring and more enjoyable.

Contact us when you're ready to start packing. We'll guide you through the moving and storage process to make it as smooth and convenient as possible. Get in touch for a free quote and valuation based on the number of items to move or store.

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