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The premier provider of quality portable storage in the Baltimore-Washington area.

SMARTBOX takes your self storage experience seriously. That is why we have researched and strategically designed our mobile storage containers with you in mind. Gone are the days of scrambling to pack and unpack your belongings before sundown just so you could return the rental moving truck before dark. Gone are the days of borrowing your reluctant friend's brand new truck to make a run to the public storage compound. Instead, SMARTBOX brings the self unit to you, creating the easiest, most convenient storage option to date. SMARTBOX's storage containers give you the ultimate storage solution, not only in low cost, but in functionality and flexibility. If you are renovating, clutter clearing, or in need for other short term projects that require on site, on demand storage, SMARTBOX is there for you. If you are looking long term and need a solution that will provide a secure climate controlled storage facility, SMARTBOX can help you there as well. All of the benefits of traditional self-storage without the hassle.

Storing with SMARTBOX

Each and every SMARTBOX portable storage unit is designed to hold between one to one and a half rooms of furniture and is capable of holding up to 3000 pounds. At eight feet long, seven feet tall and five feet across, the SMARTBOX container is built with organization and functionality in mind. SMARTBOX mobile containers are roughly one third the size of the other "big box" competitors, ending the days where you pay for storage space that you don't use. Also, we are able to deliver multiple units in one trip creating a cost savings that we can in turn pass on to you, the customer.

 Say "no" to the old version of self storage and say "yes" to SMARTBOX!

Moving with SMARTBOX

Moving is not easy, but our mobile moving containers eliminate the hassles and difficulties that are associated with other moving companies. At SMARTBOX, we feel that every move shouldn't be stressful. Both rental moving trucks and full service moving companies force you to move in a hurried fashion. Neither system offers the flexibility that SMARTBOX offers. Rental trucks have steep, sometimes slippery loading ramps that add extra work to the move. Full service movers operate on their time table, not yours. Both have hard to understand pricing, laden with hidden fees and fuel charges. SMARTBOX gives you peace of mind, presenting the price up front. Better yet, you have each SMARTBOX mobile unit for at least one month. With that much time, any move can go smoothly!


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