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As the largest populated county in the United States, Los Angeles County is one of the most sought after counties to live in. From convenient beach access to all that the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area has to offer, living in Los Angeles County definitely has its perks.

One city that stands out in particular is Long Beach, and if you are planning to make a move to California you probably already have an idea of what makes Long Beach an ideal place to call home.


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Welcome to Long Beach

Situated along the coastal shores of Los Angeles County, lies Long Beach, California. Incorporated as a city in 1897, Long Beach has a long standing history in the state of California. Rich in oil resources, Long Beach has a strong economy based in successful manufacturing, and Long Beach is home to the Port of Long Beach, one of the busiest shipping container ports in the world.

If you are moving to the Long Beach, California area, you will notice right away that Long Beach contains a variety of special areas and neighborhoods within Long Beach itself, making for several places to see and visit.

Special Points of Interest

The Long Beach, California area has several points of interest that highlight the beauty of the area, as well as some of the exciting events that take place in the region. If you love art, you will want to visit the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Museum of Latin American Art which showcase a variety of great art pieces. If you enjoy attending events, the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center hosts a variety of programs that will keep you captivated and entertained. Take a step back in history, and board the RMS Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner that is permanently docked in Long Beach.  The Aquarium of the Pacific provides an array of aquatic and sea life exhibits, great for a day of family fun.  If you enjoy sailing, the Naples neighborhood in Long Beach offers canal boat rides, shopping, concerts and fine dining.

So with so many exciting points of interest, why wait another minute to start enjoying all that Long Beach has to offer. Make your move today, with SMARTBOX. We will provide you with all of the moving services you need to help you realize your moving goals.


Storage Options

If storage concerns are delaying your move, there’s no need to worry. SMARTBOX has you covered. Our storage options are ideal for relocations, both local and long distance. If you are waiting on a new house to be built or your apartment lease is up in a month or two and you are not sure where all of your belongings will go, SMARTBOX provides great short-term options that will provide you with all of the temporary storage that you need.

At SMARTBOX, we believe in providing quality storage solutions that meet your storage needs. Our long-term storage options are also effective, offering you the storage protection you need, all at an affordable price.

Perhaps you have a little too much clutter in your home, and you want to add more space back into your living area. SMARTBOX works great for that and more. Our portable storage services will help you transform your home in no time, and you will be glad you chose SMARTBOX!

Moving to Long Beach

When it comes to moving, SMARTBOX has a simple, smart and secure approach to moving your belongings. We deliver your moving containers directly to you, simplifying the amount of time, money and energy you have to put into your move. Next, we have moving containers designed to help you load your belongings easily, as well as keep your move organized. Our secure moving service allows you to rest easy knowing your items are being protected. The SMARTBOX system offers a more convenient way to move, and when you move to Long Beach, you will discover our dedication to making your moving experience a positive one.


Moving Locally In Long Beach

Are you considering making a local move within the Long Beach area? If so, let SMARTBOX help you with your move. Give us a call and we will provide you with a free quote so that you will know upfront what your local move will cost. Next, let us bring our moving containers to you, so all you have to do is pack. Call us back once your packing is complete, and we’ll pick up your packed moving containers and deliver them directly to your new local residence within the Long Beach area.

Local moving is as simple as that when you choose SMARTBOX as your moving provider. We offer convenient moving solutions and great prices so that you can feel confident that you are getting quality moving service for your money.


Moving from Long Beach

If you are moving from the Long Beach area, we provide relocation moving services. Our portable moving containers are ideal to help you stay organized during your move from Long Beach. With our portable capability, you avoid having to rent a moving truck in one city, and then finding a place to return it in another city. With SMARTBOX, once your items are loaded onto our moving transport truck, they are delivered directly to your new city, preventing you from going through the hassle of returning a moving truck.

In addition, as with each of our moving and storage services, we will never surprise you with hidden fees. Before your move, we will provide you with a free quote so that you will know exactly what the cost of your move will be. 

If you would like to get started with SMARTBOX today and learn more about all of the great services, promotional discounts and specials we offer, give us a call at 1-87-SMARTBOX (1-877-627-8269). We will be happy to help you!


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