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SMARTBOX – The Safe & Simple Indianapolis Moving Company

Looking for a simple, safe, and reliable moving company in the Indianapolis area? SMARTBOX is the smart choice! At SMARTBOX, we’ve simplified the moving process by being the premier provider of portable on-demand storage. Our portable moving containers are sturdy, weatherproof, secure, and easy to use for your big move. Since our movers bring the containers directly to you, pick them up once their packed and deliver them to your new location, moving with SMARTBOX is always a snap.

Why Smart Movers in Indianapolis Choose SMARTBOX

As one of Indianapolis’s most-trusted moving companies, we know that our clients are interested in time, money, and convenience for their move. That’s why we provide fast turn-around times, extremely competitive rates, and the most convenient way to move in Indianapolis.

Ready to make a move? Just fill out our online form or give us a call to get started. Let us know if you’ll be making a local move in Indianapolis, a long distance move, or storing your SMARTBOX in a local Indianapolis storage facility. One of our consultants will be able to gather details about your move, provide you with more information about our service, schedule a date for drop-off, and give you a free quote on the spot.

Once your SMARTBOX arrives at your home, the convenience continues! All SMARTBOX portable moving containers come in one size – so it makes it easy to determine how many you’ll need. Our Indianapolis movers can drop off as many as eight boxes at a time. All SMARTBOX portable moving containers require no ramps and lay flat on ground level, making it safe and easy to fill them up. They also always come with sturdy and secure padlocks, unlike some of our competitors.

SMARTBOX is also beneficial if you’re selling your home or moving out of a rented home or apartment. Since you can hang onto our portable moving containers as long as you need to, you can pack them at your leisure - meaning you won’t need to scramble over the course of a weekend. Our portable containers also make it easier to declutter your property. You can clean out a room at a time and pack it into your SMARTBOX, making it easier to clean before your move. They're also great for organization – if you’re moving a lot of furniture and belongings, you can separate them into individual containers, room by room. We can even bring cardboard boxes to pack up your belongings upon request!

You can hang on to your SMARTBOX for as long as you need to – we want you to have all the time you need to pack your belongings, and we’ll never rush you. Once you’re ready for your moving container to be picked up, our movers in Indianapolis will pick up your item and transport it to your new location.

Local Moves in Indianapolis

Moving locally? No problem! SMARTBOX is your best bet for moving in Indianapolis. SMARTBOX makes your local move easier by removing the burden of renting a moving truck or hiring local movers to pack and ship your belongings around the area. We can drop off a portable shipping container and you can pack it yourself, at your own pace.

If you’re planning on a local move, contact one of our representatives to let them know how many items you plan on moving. This will give us all we need to let you know how many SMARTBOX portable moving containers you’ll likely need, as well as provide you with a quote for local moving expenses in Indianapolis and to surrounding areas. One of our representatives will also be able to let you know which SMARTBOX facility is closest to your area in Indianapolis. Having local facilities gives us a leg up on many of our competitors. Since we have portable shipping containers on hand locally, you can often start packing sooner, and you won’t have to waste time with a moving truck company or rent one yourself.

Long Distance Moves From Indianapolis

Moving long distance? SMARTBOX has you covered. The process for moving out of Indianapolis isn’t that different than it is locally – you still start the same way, by providing one of our representatives with details about your move, getting a free quote up front, and scheduling a time for delivery of your portable moving containers. Our Indianapolis movers will drop off your SMARTBOX, and you’ll have as much time as you need to pack it with your belongings. Once you’re ready to go, our movers in Indianapolis will coordinate with the SMARTBOX facility that’s local to your destination city. Your SMARTBOX containers will show up in your new town, safe and sound, and ready to be unpacked.

Getting Help From Movers in Indianapolis

Need some help packing your belongings? SMARTBOX can help with that! Skip the hassle of moving things yourself and leave the packing to professional movers. We can recommend a team of local Indianapolis movers to safely and efficiently pack your belongings for you. This makes the moving process even easier, and provides you with the same options for moving you’d get with other traditional moving companies in Indianapolis. 

How To Get Started

Ready to get started with the best moving company in Indianapolis? Give the moving experts at SMARTBOX a call today to get more information and receive a free quote. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the moving services we can provide. Just call (877) 627-8269 to get started. A SMARTBOX moving specialist is on standby waiting to help you!