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Welcome to The Tar Heel State and the city of Cary.  SMARTBOX is proud to have a strong presence as a moving service provider in the area, and we would love to assist you in your transition process.  Our experienced customer service representatives as well as our moving teams strive to make all of your moving needs and expectations a primary priority.  When you choose to partner with SMARTBOX for your relocating needs, you are partnering with moving professionals that take great pride in affordability, portability, customer service, and convenience.  Do not wait another minute, contact us today at 1-877-627-8269 to start the moving process with a free quote.  We look forward to working with you!

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Welcome to Cary

Originally beginning as a settlement in 1750 called Bradford’s Ordinary, Cary is the seventh largest municipality in North Carolina, and is almost entirely located in Wake County.  Allison Francis Page is given credit for founding the town when he bought three hundred acres around the railroad junction.  Cary was incorporated on April 6, 1871, with Page becoming the first mayor.

Cary is a great place to raise a family.  The city is one of the safest major cities in the United States, with a very low crime rate of eighty-four violent crimes for every one hundred thousand residents.  There are several different demographics that make up the city of Cary, which has an estimated population of just over one hundred and fifty-one thousand people.  The city is also popular for college students, being located close to North Carolina State University, Duke University, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Special Points of Interest

Located approximately twenty minutes from downtown Raleigh, there are many activities for people of Cary to enjoy.  The USA Baseball National Training Complex calls Cary home, as well as being the summer home of the North Carolina Symphony.  This symphony preforms over one hundred and seventy five concerts for both adults and children each year in over fifty North Carolina counties. 

The Research Triangle Park, which is located in the Cary is area, is the largest operating research park in North America.  Its seven thousand acres is home to more than two hundred research, technology, and ag-bio companies that employ approximately forty thousand workers.

Cary’s small town atmosphere coupled with access to larger cities, allows residents and tourists to enjoy the history, cultural programs, and many recreational activities associated with the city. 

Moving to Cary

Will you be moving to Cary soon?  If so, our team at SMARTBOX would love to partner with you and help you with the relocating process.  Our customer focused, experienced team of movers has been serving people since 2002.  Give our representatives a call today and allow us to put together a moving strategy designed to specifically meet your needs.  No matter how short or how far your move may be, we have you covered!

In all the moves we make, regardless of the distance, we believe in an honest and upfront approach with no hidden fees attached.  At SMARTBOX, we do not want our customers to have a fear of the finances when it comes to the moving experience with us.  Your free and detailed quote will give you an accurate assessment of where you stand financially throughout the entire process. 

Moving Locally In Cary

Local moves can be made easy with SMARTBOX.  During the free quote process, our team members will ask specific questions, calculating everything you need.  Let us know the dates that your move is to be made, and we will drop off the exact number of portable units you need, and transport them to your new location.  Whether you prefer to do it yourself or need us to assist you with the moving and packing process, we have all the tools to make your move with SMARTBOX a success. 

Storage Options

Our eight feet long, by seven foot tall, by five foot wide portable containers that are capable of holding up to three thousand pounds make storage easy and convenient for our customers.  This gives our customers more freedom to move around once they are inside their units, allowing them to designate certain areas of the unit for certain items.  Your belongings will remain protected once inside the container.  The interior wooden structure of our units will prevent mildew and is climate controlled.  Once all items are inside and the unit is locked, rest assured because all units are equipped to handle all types of weather.

With SMARTBOX, you are only charged for the storage space you actually use.  This gives our customers comfort in knowing that our moving team can adjust and adapt to your circumstances during the moving process if need be.  You pack your way, either with our assistance or on your own, and we handle all the driving and drop off between locations.  We take pride in giving our customers storage versatility and flexibility, which helps them relax while relocating. 






Moving From Cary

Are you going to be moving out of Cary, perhaps for a military transfer, college move, or business relocation?  SMARTBOX is here for you.  We have a very organized way of coordinating you move no matter the distance.  We will drop off your storage units and even help you pack your belongings if needed.  Take all the time you need, contact us and we will come transport your unit to a new location.  Not going to make it to your new location in one day? Not a problem.  We will be happy to store your stuff in one of our long term facilities for as long as you need.  Your items will remain safe and locked up until you are ready to begin unpacking process.  We handle all driving and insurance protection is included in all of long distance moves. 

If you are an active military member or enrolled college student going through the moving process, we have good news for you.  Any active military member regardless of the branch, qualifies for our military discount.  It is valid towards both moving and storage services.  The same discount applies for any college student that is enrolled in a college or university.  Also, a twenty dollar discount will be given to university staff members that can be applied towards delivery services.   We understand the power and value that both the military and education brings to society, and we want to do everything within our power to help you reach your dreams and goals.


Our SMARTBOX team knows that the process of moving can involve many different variables at times.  That is why we serve our customers, to help you as much as possible with every aspect of the moving experience.  Make the smart choice and give us a call at 1-877-627-8269 to get started today!


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