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SMARTBOX College Student Discount

SMARTBOX moving and storage supports education, and we are dedicated to providing helpful resources that benefit the needs of our customers, as well as furthering the advancement of their goals and aspirations.  We understand the importance of providing moving and storage services *for college students* that are both effective and economical. For that reason, created a college student discount program, designed to help college students meet and achieve their moving and storage needs, all at an affordable price.

We recognize that college tuition can get expensive, as well as some of the other additional expenses that go with earning an education. At SMARTBOX, we want to help alleviate some of the demands on your budget, by offering a college student discount program that allows you to utilize the convenient moving and storage services that we provide.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

Portable Storage Delivery & Pick Up

Portable Moving Delivery & Pick Up

Long-term Storage

Short-term Storage

On-Site Storage

Secure & Temperature Controlled Storage

Local Moving & Storage Services

Long Distance Moving & Storage Services

How the SMARTBOX College Student Discount Can Benefit You

If you are a college student, who is currently attending a college or university and you are in need of moving or storage services, the SMARTBOX college student discount is ideal because it will not only save you money on your moving and storage expenses, but it will allow you to obtain moving and storage resources that are flexible for your class and study schedule.

We know that your education is important, along with the quality of service that we provide to you. Our convenient, portable moving and storage containers work great for college students because they are delivered directly to you.  Once you receive your container, you have the option to pack during a time that is convenient for you. Even better, we will transport your packed unit directly to our secure, climate controlled storage facility, where you can rest assured that your belongings are stored safely until you are ready to use them again.

Some of the many ways SMARTBOX can help college students include:

Individual Students: SMARTBOX is a great resource for on or off-campus storage space needs.

Sororities/Fraternities-SMARTBOX understands that space can sometimes be limited within sorority and fraternity houses. Our easy to use storage options provide the additional room and space needed to provide you with lasting memories instead of clutter. The task of moving is simplified too with SMARTBOX; a benefit that is ideal for moving into and out of sorority and fraternity houses.

Study Abroad Students
-Explore your educational dreams abroad while SMARTBOX takes care of storing your belongings while you are away. Our storage resources work great for both long-term and short term storage needs.

Dormitory Students
-If you are moving into a dorm, SMARTBOX is convenient and easy to use, especially for individual students, as well as roommates who would like to utilize group storage options.

Off-Campus Students-Whether you are moving out of the dorm and into an apartment, or moving from an apartment into a house, SMARTBOX is convenient and provides great moving resources to help you move with ease and never skip a beat from your educational studies.

International Students-Being away from home can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but SMARTBOX is an extension of your home, and we can provide you with the additional room and space you need, nearby. We will take care of storing your items as if they are our own because we care about the level of service we provide. 


To qualify for the college student discount, you must currently be enrolled in a college or university. The SMARTBOX student discount coupon is good towards your storage and moving services. Please see coupon for any additional rules that apply. 

SMARTBOX Works Great For Faculty and Staff Too!

The moving and storage services provided by SMARTBOX are convenient for college and university faculty and staff members too. Whether you are moving across town, or simply need extra room in your home or office, our moving and storage solutions offer the resources you need to maintain a productive and useful work and living space. To help with your moving and storage needs, we are pleased to offer a discount to college and university faculty and staff members for $20.00 off delivery service.  

We hope that our discounts will allow you to meet all of your moving and storage goals, and we look forward to providing you with a level of service you can both trust and count on. If you would like to learn more about our college student discount, faculty and staff discount or obtain additional information on how SMARTBOX can help you, give us a call at 1.87.SMARTBOX (1.877.627.8269). Our moving and staff specialists will be happy to assist you, as well as provide you with a free quote. Call today!