College Students: What to Store Over the Summer

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 22, 2017  in 
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Summer is every student's favorite time of the year!  The three to four month window when you do not have to worry about reading one hundred pages a night, solving linear equations, or pulling another dreaded all-nighter to study for a chemistry exam.  Yes, this time of year is commonly referred to as summer.  Before you get too excited about the summer months ahead, a few important questions need to be answered before your summer can truly begin.  What am I going to do about storage over the summer, and more importantly, what exactly do I need to store during this time period?  At SMARTBOX, we understand the life of a college student. In fact, many of our customers are college students.  Our goal is to help college students with their storage needs as much as we possibly can. Below you will find tips on what to store over the summer break.

The Microwave and Mini Fridge- The life of a college student often means eating out a lot, which equivalents to spending money.  To help avoid this common problem, many students choose to invest in a microwave or mini fridge to heat up/store lunch meat, drinks, or other useful items.  When summer rolls around, many college students store these items while they are away from campus.  If you choose to do the same, it is important to remember to store them in a container that is large enough to keep it safe, secure, and out of harm’s way.  Remember to defrost your fridge beforehand to prevent mildew and mold buildup during storage.

Electronics- If you do not want to take your game console or sound system home with you for the summer, you could always put it in a storage unit.  It is important to use a spacious, climate-controlled option that has enough room for the console itself and all of the accessories.  During the storage time, too much heat and humidity can cause long-term damage to your game system.  With any game console or electronic device, plenty of cords and wires are involved.  Choose a storage option that provides enough space and protection for all cords and wires.  Consider purchasing a plastic tub or bag to store all of your accessories (cords, wires, controllers, etc.) together to ease the unpacking process.

Furniture- Tables, chairs, couches, and futons are a staple in most college dorm rooms or apartments.  When it comes time to move out of your current housing, you might consider storing these items so you do not have to transport them home and back again.  If this describes your situation, storage units can be a very valuable asset.  Make sure that your furniture is wrapped in some type of thick, protective material in order to avoid scratching.  As we mentioned previously, it is also a good idea to invest in a climate-controlled option when it comes to furniture.  This will help prevent your furniture from becoming too hot or gaining moisture, which could cause long-term damage.

Bikes and Scooters- Bikes and scooters have become an increasingly popular transportation choice on college campuses because it is a fast and effective way to get from point A to point B.  If you do not want to take your two-wheeled means of transportation home with you for the summer, put it in a storage unit.  It will remain safe, locked, and secure over the summer break so it will be in good, working condition when you get back to campus in the fall.

Our SMARTBOX team hopes the above information is of assistance to college students as they prepare for storing their items during the summer break.  If you have any other questions relating to our SMARTBOX process or would like to partner with us, please call 1-877-627-8269 to hear about our college student discount.

Dusty Rhodes