A Packing and Moving Guide for a College Freshman

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 16, 2020  in 
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As summer draws to a close, college freshmen everywhere eagerly anticipate the big move to their college dorm. Among the excitement of college life and their first taste of freedom, however, many college freshmen find themselves overwhelmed with the packing and moving process. It can be a difficult task for young college students to know how to pack for life on campus, and that’s why it can be helpful to consider the following packing and moving tips.


Make a List of Necessities

The dorm is going to be small so there isn’t room for everything. Therefore, it can be helpful to create a list of absolute necessities that you must have. These include things like bedding, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, and essential appliances and electronics. One you have an idea of which items you need, you can decide how much space you have left for items you want.


Pack and Label Your Boxes

Now is not the time for cramming items into bags and suitcases without any idea of what’s inside. Instead, pack your belongings in medium sized boxes that are easy to carry and be sure to label the contents of each box. Do be sure and take consideration as to how you pack breakable and fragile items. Take the time to properly wrap and secure any breakable items.


Don’t Pack for the Whole Year

Your closet space will be limited so you don’t need to take clothing for the entier year. Only take what is necessary for that season. You can come home between semesters to change out clothing and shoes.


Coordinate with Your Roomate

One of the biggest college blunders is failing to coordinate with the roommate and bringing two of everything. College dorms are small, so you want to maximize space by coordinating with your roommate about appliances and electronics. For example, you don’t need two TV’s, two microwaves, and two coffee makers. Plan ahead and decide which items each of you will bring so you can save money and space.


Get Creative with Packing and Storage

You can save a lot of money on boxes (and save yourself several trips to and from the car) by allowing certain items to double as storage containers. For example, your minifridge is perfect for storing small items. A rolling cart can be a great place to store jewelry, charging cords, and other small items. Pack your shower caddy with all of your toiletries and store snacks inside your shoe organizer.


Don’t Forget Cleaning Supplies

Ok, so this isn’t exactly top on the list of a college freshman’s priorities, but it should be. Especially in the wake of Covid-19, every college student should be prepared with proper cleaning supplies, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and additional safeguards.


Dusty Rhodes