7 Benefits of Using a Portable Storage Unit for Your College Student

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 11, 2018  in 
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When we think about portable storage units, we think of people who use them for extra storage because they don’t have enough room in their homes. For most of us, college students don’t cross our mind. However, portable storage units are ideal for many college students. Figuring out summer storage for your college student can be a tedious and exhaustive task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 7 benefits of using a portable storage unit for your college student.

  1. It Won’t Clutter Up YOUR Home

    As the school year draws to a close many college students are preparing to pack up and move out of their dorms and are faced with a challenge: where to store their belongings all summer. This can mean only one thing for parents…get ready for clutter all summer long! If your child loads up their car with all of their belongings and heads for home, the reality is that those belongings are going to end up taking up space in your garage ALL summer! Instead, opt for a more organized solution by renting a portable storage unit for where your college student can neatly store their belongings for the duration of the summer.

  2. You Don’t Need to Worry About Transportation

    If your college student doesn’t have a means for transporting all of their belongings, no need to worry. Portable storage units can be delivered right to their dorm. They simply load up the container and let the storage company transport it to one of their storage facilities. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

  3. You Can Store Bulky Furniture

    Chances are your college student has a couch, desk, refrigerator, or some other piece of furniture that is too big to store at your home. A portable storage unit offers the perfect solution for these large items. If your college student has furniture that is too big to take home but too valuable to give away, take advantage of portable storage. 

  4. Avoid the Danger of Driving with a Packed Car

    It’s already enough that your college student has to drive the long distance to get home, but add a packed car to the mix and things can get a little dicey.  You can avoid the danger of driving with furniture tied with ropes and limited visibility from a packed car by utilizing a portable storage unit.  Make safety your first priority.

  5. It’s Convenient and Affordable

    The end of the school year is often stressful enough for a college student.  In addition to preparing for final exams, they are also faced with deadlines for moving out of the dorm. The concept of portable storage can be a huge time saver for college students. Upon delivery, the student can load their belongings at their own convenience and then the storage company will haul it off to a requested location or storage facility.  In addition to convenience, portable storage is an affordable solution for college students.

  6. Keep Your Belongings Organized

    Most college students find themselves throwing everything into boxes and shoving it in their car just to get it out in time. This leaves a disorganized mess and increased probability of damaged goods. They will also have no idea where anything is and what they need come next semester. Instead, keep their belongings neatly organized with a portable storage unit. Their spacious interior allows for easy packing and your college student can keep everything safely organized. 

  7. You Can Rent Month-to-Month

Most portable storage companies will allow you to rent your unit for just the right amount of time with a month-to-month lease.This is perfect for college students and allows them to store their belongings closer to campus during the summer months.


Dusty Rhodes