3 Alternative Solutions to Using a Traditional Moving Company

by Dusty Rhodes on May 10, 2019  in 
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Moving is a huge job and it can be exhausting and time consuming but while it may seem logical to hire professional movers, you’d better be prepared to pay top dollar for it. According to the American Moving and Storage Association the average cost of a local move is around $2500 while long distance moves can cost more then $5000. Not everyone wants to add a moving company to their already lengthy list of moving expenses. Luckily there are less expensive alternatives to hiring a traditional moving company. Here are three money-saving alternatives to consider for your next move.


Enlist the Help of Family and Friends

There’s nothing wrong with the old-fashioned do-it-yourself move. If you can gather up a few family and friends to help, you can save a tremendous amount of money on your relocation.  Obviously this method is ideal for local moves but it can save you serious cash on your move.  In addition to saving you money, utilizing your own people means you get to have complete control over what time and day you move and you get to decide exactly how you want it done. While it might take a bit more planning and organization, this is the cheapest alternative to hiring professional movers. Rather than paying exorbitant moving costs, you can treat your family and friends to some drinks, snacks, and pizzas as a way to show your appreciation.


Renting a Moving Truck

While this still requires a do-it-yourself approach, you can save yourself time on making multiple trips back and forth by renting a moving truck. You can rent a moving truck for a flat fee plus the cost of gas. You are also given the option to purchase insurance...and you should! This will still be a much cheaper alternative to hiring professional movers. While the rental truck takes care of the transportation, you might still need to enlist the help of some family and friends to help you load and unload the truck. While you do have a bit more flexibility than you would with a moving company, keep in mind that you will have to return the rental truck by a specific date (usually a couple days) so you will be in a little bit of a time crunch. Although it is still labor intensive to move yourself, renting a truck will save you big bucks compared to a traditional moving company.


Rent Portable Storage Containers

One of the most popular alternatives to hiring traditional movers is renting portable storage containers. This is a cost effective and extremely convenient alternative. Unlike renting a moving truck, you have the option to keep the storage containers for as long as you like. This means you can start packing way ahead of time and just pack and unpack at your leisure instead of rushing around to do everything in one weekend. Furthermore, the storage containers are conveniently delivered directly to your door and you simply call and have them transported to your new location at your request. It doesn’t get much easier than that! In addition, portable storage containers allow for ground level loading and unloading so you won’t strain your back trying to lift heavy boxes and furniture up and down a steep ramp. You pay a flat rental fee for your storage containers that will vary based on size and the amount of time you rent them and you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or additional costs. Portable storage containers give you the freedom and flexibility to move on your own schedule while still saving you lots of money compared to traditional moving companies. 


Dusty Rhodes