How to Load a Moving Trailer

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 25, 2021  in 
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When it comes to packing a trailer, it can feel a lot like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Proper loading involves a great deal of strategy in order to fit everything inside. Many people don’t realize there is a preferable way to load a moving trailer, and doing so will ensure safer, easier, and more efficient transport. If you need a few tips on how to properly pack your moving trailer, keep reading to find out how to pack like a pro.

 Prepare Your Belongings

The first step is preparing all of your belongings to be packed safely. Objects are liable to get jostled around during transport so it is important to make sure everything is properly packed, wrapped, and padded prior to loading it onto the trailer.


Be sure all fragile items such as lamps, mirrors, artwork, electronics and other delicate items are adequately wrapped using bubble wrap and moving blankets and stored in their original boxes. You also want to place mattresses and box springs in a sealable mattress bag.  Next, you want to disassemble your furniture before loading it onto the trailer. This will help maximize space in the trailer and help to distribute the weight of heavy furniture more evenly.


Remove the legs from tables and chairs if possible and take bed frames apart. This will allow you to make room for more items in the trailer.

Load Largest and Heaviest Items First

When you are ready to begin loading the truck, you want to start with the largest and heaviest items first. This includes items such as refrigerators, washer/dryer, couches, dressers, and coffee tables. You also want to make sure that your heavier items are on the bottom so they do not crush boxes or other items.


You also want to keep the weight balanced from one side to the other. You want to place mattresses and box springs up against the sides of the trailer, secured down with ties for added support. Placing the mattresses on the sides of the truck will also serve as additional padding for your furniture and appliances. You can save your lighter boxes and other small, lightweight items for last and place those in the back of the truck.

Load Boxes by Size

Once you have loaded all of your heavy items and large furniture, you are ready to load your boxes. Boxes should be loaded according to size and weight. Boxes that are similar size should be packed together to maximize your truck’s capacity. Again, you also want to make sure your heaviest boxes are on the bottom. Smaller, lighter boxes and other miscellaneous items can also be placed on top of furniture and appliances.


Use Pads for Protection

You want to be sure and rent plenty of moving blankets and pads to protect your belongings during transport. You should use pads for all furniture, electronics, and appliances. The best way to ensure maximum protection is to wrap all padded items in shrink wrap to hold the padding and blankets in place. 

Secure the Load with Straps

Once everything has been loaded onto the trailer, you want to secure your belongings using moving straps. Straps are useful for holding your belongings in place and minimizing shifting during transport. Straps should be used to secure any tall furniture or appliances to the wall of the moving truck.



Dusty Rhodes