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Three fundamentals. Unlimited quality. As the premier provider of mobile, on-demand storage units, SMARTBOX brings a convenient and non-traditional approach to portable storage. Whether you are looking for additional space to store extra belongings or planning a long distance or local move, SMARTBOX offers moving and storage solutions that are easy to use, secure and completed with professional quality each and every time.

The SMARTBOX concept redefines portable storage because of its innovative design and functionality. Each unit is designed to make loading and unloading easy, while at the same time offering optimum coverage and protection for stored contents.

SMARTBOX understands that moving can be expensive, as well as a time-consuming task. This is why SMARTBOX provides moving options at an affordable price, as well as time saving solutions that will help make your move less tiring and more enjoyable. Equally, we understand storage. We know that providing our customers with space saving solutions is important, and our goal is to offer great storage options that work for your specific needs.


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"From the moment that I spoke to a customer service representative, I felt completely at ease. She asked the appropriate questions to determine my needs, gave me a quote, and then the box was delivered the very next day. This was the easiest and most professional transaction I have encountered in quite some time!"

- Beth S., Richmond, VA


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6 Easy Ways to Take an Open House to the Next Level

by Dusty Rhodes | Dec 06, 2019

Real estate agents estimate that nearly 20% of their sales result from an open house. This is a great opportunity to get people in the door to show off your home’s best features. Therefore, it is really important to make sure your home is in tip top shape, your open house is well advertised, and your realtor has made every effort to make the most of this showing opportunity. Here are a few simple ways that realtors can up their game and take an open house to the next level.


Market the Event

Perhaps the most important step in hosting a successful open house is letting people know it is happening. Advertise the open house every way possible: post internet listings, post it in newspapers and community newsletters, and place signs strategically around the neighborhood. These days, it’s also extremely important to utilize social media. Facebook and Twitter, in particular, offer so many ways to spread the word about your open house and create anticipation among shoppers. Social media allows you to reach a wider audience and is an effective means for using friends to help get the word out.


Serve Treats and Refreshments

What better way is there to welcome guests than with some delicious food and drinks? This is a great way to showcase the home’s kitchen, living areas, or outdoor deck and no one wants to turn away free food. Consider serving a few snacks or sandwiches or even think about having some treats catered by a local restaurant or bakery. Not only will guests enjoy the delicious snacks, but it is also a great way to advertise some local flavors. After all, selling a home is also about selling the location and the great places around it. Serving refreshments is a nice way to get people buzzing about your open house but it also gives potential buyers an opportunity to picture themselves entertaining in the house. So, it’s a win win for everyone!


Set the Ambiance

Give guests more than just a free snack...give them an experience. Little things like lighting a few candles (keep the candles lightly scented or no fragrance at all) and playing soft music in the background can really set the tone for your open house. You also want to make sure all of the blinds are open to let in as much light as possible and turn on every lamp. These extra little details make the home feel cozier and more inviting.


Stage the Home

Prior to the open house, spend some time preparing the home to be shown. Staging a home can increase your chances of selling the home and can even bring in a higher price. This is the time to remove any controversial items like animal heads on the wall, nude paintings, or political signage of any kind. Many realtors also prefer to take down family photos and drawings on the fridge to help buyers picture themselves living in the home. Realtors can help rearrange furniture and accessories to make the home more appealing and they might even ask homeowners to remove excess furniture while the home is on the market. A portable storage container can really come in handy for homeowners who need some extra storage space for their belongings when staging their home.


Create a Neighborhood Display

Selling a home is also about selling the location. Realtors should be aware of the neighborhood and surrounding areas and showcase happenings in the area to potential buyers.  One way to do this is by displaying photographs of neighborhood amenities such as local parks, restaurants, shopping, schools, or recreational facilities. If possible, you could also display pictures of neighborhood gatherings and parades. You want potential buyers to see why this home is in the perfect location.


Collect Contact Information

Realtors need to provide a wealth of knowledge about the property, but they also need to connect with buyer leads and follow up with them after the open house. Instead of setting out a notebook and asking for names and phone numbers, consider an easier and more tech savvy approach. Real estate agents can generate more leads and give your open house a more professional look and feel by placing a tablet kiosk at the entrance to your home. This kiosk makes it easier for guests to sign in and all of their contact info is stored and organized through an app.