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Three fundamentals. Unlimited quality. As the premier provider of mobile, on-demand storage units, SMARTBOX brings a convenient and non-traditional approach to portable storage. Whether you are looking for additional space to store extra belongings or planning a long distance or local move, SMARTBOX offers moving and storage solutions that are easy to use, secure and completed with professional quality each and every time.

The SMARTBOX concept redefines portable storage because of its innovative design and functionality. Each unit is designed to make loading and unloading easy, while at the same time offering optimum coverage and protection for stored contents.

SMARTBOX understands that moving can be expensive, as well as a time-consuming task. This is why SMARTBOX provides moving options at an affordable price, as well as time saving solutions that will help make your move less tiring and more enjoyable. Equally, we understand storage. We know that providing our customers with space saving solutions is important, and our goal is to offer great storage options that work for your specific needs.


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9 Simple Ways to Use a Portable Storage Unit to Sell a House Quicker

by Dusty Rhodes | Mar 12, 2019

Just about anyone would agree that when it comes to selling their home, they want to get it done as quickly as possible.  It can be very frustrating having to keep your home clean for extended periods of time, constantly being asked to leave at a moment’s notice, and anxiously awaiting to hear back every time a buyer comes to look at your house.  Selling your home is a stressful experience and that’s why it is important to do everything you can to make the process as quick and painless as possible.  One way to do this is by renting a portable storage unit.  Portable storage units are affordable and convenient and are useful in so many ways to help you sell your house faster.


1 Staging Your Home

While there are a number of factors that contribute to the sale of a home, plenty of studies have shown that a staged home has a much better chance of selling faster.  Staging your home might require you to move some of your furniture and belongings out of your home temporarily.  A portable storage unit is the perfect place to store your belongings while your home is on the market.


2 Renovations

Buyers are easily wooed by homes that are updated.  Homes that are updated are much more likely to sell faster.  Whether you are simply updating your floors and adding a few fresh coats of paint or doing extensive bathroom and kitchen remodeling, you will definitely need a place to move your furniture and belongings out of the way while the renovations are under way. 


3 Store Your Personal Belongings

When potential buyers walk into your home they want to picture themselves in it.  This can be difficult if your walls and bookshelves are adorned with photographs and personal collectibles.  If you want to sell your home faster you need to keep things fresh and neutral and remove any personal items such as pictures, collectibles, posters, etc.  You will need a place to store all of these personal items and a portable storage unit is the perfect solution.


4 Declutter Your Home

The first thing homeowners need to do in order to sell their home is to declutter it.  This means going through every room in your home including all of the nooks and crannies and making sure every space is clutter free.  You will want to get rid of any unwanted items but you are still going to have plenty of other items left over.  You will need a place to store all of these extra belongings and a portable storage unit gives you the storage space you need.


5 Empty Cabinets and Closets

The rooms in your home might be neat, clean, and well-staged.  However, buyers are going to look everywhere in your home including inside closets, drawers, and cabinets. It’s important to clean out and organize your cabinets, drawers, closets, and pantry.  Keep these spaces clutter free by storing excess items in a portable storage unit.


6 Store Furniture

In order to sell your home quicker, you want to make it look its best. You want to showcases your home’s features by removing clutter and making each room look as spacious as possible. This might require you to move excess furniture out of your home.  You can easily store any extra furniture in a portable storage unit.


7 Give Your Home a Deep Clean

Nothing will attract buyers like a sparkling clean home!  When you are trying to sell your home you want to make sure it is as clean and fresh as possible.  This requires more than a quick mop and dust.  This means giving your home a deep clean by cleaning carpets and hardwood floors, scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning baseboards, and thoroughly cleaning the kitchen.  It can be tremendously helpful if you move out furniture and other items in order to clean your home.  You can easily store these items in a portable storage unit while you give your home a good clean.


8 Clean Out the Garage

Buyers will look at every part of your home including your garage.  You want your garage to appear as spacious and organized as possible to appeal to buyers.  However, this can be difficult when it is filled with large pieces of lawn equipment and tools.  You can declutter and organize your garage by storing these items in a portable storage unit.


9 Store Your Boxes

Many people like to get a head start on packing but this might leave them with piles of boxes.  This can be unsightly for potential buyers so a portable storage unit can provide you with space to store your boxes so you can keep your home looking neat and tidy.