5 Innovative Uses for Mobile Storage While Selling Your Home

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 30, 2018  in 
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When your home is on the market, you need to be prepared to have visitors at a moment’s notice.  This means your home needs to be in tip top shape at all times.    This can be one of the most stressful parts of selling a home, and just about everyone wants to do it as quickly as possible.   In a situation like this, mobile storage can come in handy for a number of reasons. Temporary storage will provide the solutions you need for getting your home in order and helping you to sell it quickly.  Here are 5 ways to use mobile storage when selling your home.



When it comes to staging your home, perhaps the most important step is decluttering.  If you don’t have time to sort through all of your belongings, you can still declutter your home by storing these items in a mobile unit temporarily.  It will give you the space you need to get all of that extra clutter out of your home, without forcing you to sell it or donate it.  You can keep it in storage and sort through it at your own leisure.


Storing Extra Furniture

Another great tip for staging your home is rearranging the furniture.  While the furniture in our home makes sense and is practical to us, we have to think like a buyer.  That pool table in the spare bedroom might be suitable to us, but a buyer might not think so.  You are better off staging rooms as they are intended.  For example, bedrooms should be bedrooms and offices should be offices.  That means it’s time to store the pool tables, foosball tables, treadmills, and exercise equipment while your home is on the market.


Get a Head Start on Packing

As you are preparing your home to sell it, chances are you are going to be packing up a few boxes along the way.  Instead of stacking them in your garage, get them out of the way and one step closer to your new home by packing them in a mobile storage unit.  If you don’t like to procrastinate, get a head start by placing your boxes in mobile storage.


Clear Out Your Closets

It’s no secret that one thing buyers will be looking for is storage space.  Give them what they want by cleaning out your closets and placing seasonal clothing in storage.  Many of the items we store in our closets are not used on a daily basis.  This might include things like raincoats, jackets, board games, out of season clothing, sports equipment, dishes and serve-ware.  Go ahead and pack these items away so you can display your spacious closets for buyers.


Turn it Into Your Garage

Have you ever been to a home and noticed the cars were parked in the driveway because the garage was so cluttered?  If so, you’re not alone.  Many people fill their garage with everything but their vehicles.  If you fall into this category, you might consider creating a temporary garage so buyers won’t be turned off by the amount of clutter in yours.  Mobile storage units are spacious enough for you to fit sports gear, lawn equipment, seasonal décor, lawn chairs, tools, and all of the other gadgets that often take up space in our garage.  You can easily turn a mobile storage unit into a temporary garage while your home is on the market. 

Dusty Rhodes