Step-by-Step Guide for How to Move a Pool Table

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 10, 2021  in 
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moving a pool table


If you are moving to a new home, chances are you will want to bring your pool table with you.

After all, pool tables are a load of fun and are a great addition to your game room or basement. However, pool tables are also among the largest and heaviest items to move. They average in size from 7-9 feet long and can weigh over 700 pounds which means they aren’t exactly easy to relocate. In fact, moving a pool table is much more complicated than you might think. Their bulkiness and weight make them particularly difficult to move and you risk injury to yourself  or your pool table if you don’t take the right precautions. For these reasons, it is important to take the right steps to protect yourself and your pool table during a move. Consider the following tips for safely moving your pool table from one home to another.

Gather the Right Supplies

The first step in preparing your pool table for a move is to gather the necessary supplies. Keep in mind that your pool table must be disassembled in order to move it, which requires specific tools and materials.

●Measuring tape


●Power drill

●Flathead screwdriver

●Cutting tools such as snips

●Socket wrench

●A staple remover

●Bubble wrap and moving blankets


Measure Your Doorways and Pathways

Before disassembling your pool table, you want to know exactly how much room you will have to move the table through hallways and doorways in your home. Map out the path in which you plan to move the table and measure the doorways and hallways using measuring tape. You will also need to do this in your new home.

Disassemble the Pool Table

It is absolutely essential that you take your pool table apart prior to moving it. You will need to disassemble the table legs, rails, slate, and felt. Start by removing the pockets using a screwdriver from underneath.


Next, you will want to remove the bumpers and the corners using your socket wrench. Be sure and store all bolts and screws separately in a labeled bag. Now it’s time to remove the felt using a staple remove to carefully extract each staple. Be careful not to rip or tear the felt during this process, and safely pack it away once it's been removed.


Next, you are ready to remove the table’s slates using your power drill. Be sure you have a few extra helpers on hand, as these slates are extremely heavy. Once all of these items have been removed and safely packed away, you are ready to remove the legs of the pool table.

Carefully Wrap and Protect all Parts

Prior to loading your pool table parts onto a moving truck or storage container, you need to carefully wrap each part using moving blankets. You should also wrap any corners or delicate parts with bubble wrap for added protection.


Use packing tape or wrap to keep the cushioning and blankets secured. It is also a good idea to label all of the parts once they have been wrapped. This will make reassembling the pool table much easier.

Load it With a Dolly

While you might be able to lift some parts of the pool table on your own, the slates are incredibly heavy and should only be moved using a dolly. You risk injury to yourself or your pool table if you don’t move these heavy items properly. Make sure the dolly is locked in place while loading the pool table and always have additional help nearby should you need assistance. You also want to avoid placing any heavy objects or boxes on or near the pool table to prevent damage during transport.

Reassemble the Table

Once your pool table has been safely transported to your new home, you are ready to reassemble it in the new location. Be sure and measure the doorways and pathways before moving the pool table inside and take the right precautions to move the parts safely as you did before.


Moving a pool table is a complicated and meticulous process that requires the help of professionals in most cases. At Smartbox Moving and Storage, we have a team of experienced professionals who are equipped to handle tasks such as moving and transporting your pool table. Protect your investment, and yourself, by allowing our team of professionals to assist you with moving your pool table.


Dusty Rhodes