3 Seasonal Items to Store in a Portable Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 17, 2022  in 
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Over time you undoubtedly begin to collect a number of items that end up packed floor to ceiling in your garage or shed. You might have everything from canoes and paddle boards to a lawn mower and snow blower. Before you know it, your entire garage is full of recreational items, sports equipment, tools, and toys. If you are like most people, there simply isn’t enough storage space at your home to neatly store and organize all of these seasonal items. Storing some of these seasonal items in a portable storage container is a great way to maximize your storage space at home and keep everything neatly organized so you never have to dig around for your golf clubs or hedge trimmers.  If your shed or garage is bursting at the seams, you may want to consider renting a portable storage container. Here are just a few of the most common seasonal items that people store in portable storage containers.

Seasonal Decorations

Holidays are packed with fun and excitement and one of the best parts of each holiday is setting up your decorations. You may have tombstones, ghosts, and monsters for Halloween followed by an inflatable turkey at Thanksgiving. Of course Christmas decorations are a must, from lights and yard decorations to ornaments and wreaths. However, what happens when the holidays are over and it’s time to put all of your decorations away until next year? Portable storage containers provide a great solution for storing all of your holiday decor. You can easily pack up, label, organize, and store away all of your seasonal decorations.

Recreational Equipment

Each season brings about unique ways to have fun. Perhaps you enjoy water skiing, paddle boarding, or kayaking in the summer and snow skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling in winter. You may also have piles of sports equipment including golf clubs, tennis rackets, football pads, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, soccer balls, basketballs, or baseball bats. Add to that bikes, skates, scooters, and camping gear and before you know it your entire garage looks like a sporting goods store. One way to organize all of this recreational equipment is by renting a portable storage container and storing your out of season equipment. Not only will it give you more space at home, but it will also help you keep your gear and equipment in tip-top shape.

Lawn Tools

During the summer months you need easy access to your lawn mower, weedeater, blower, and hedge trimmers while the spring is the perfect time to get out those gardening tools. However, during the winter months you might need to get to your shovels and snow blower. Again, all this equipment is large and bulky and can easily take over your garage. With a portable storage container, you can neatly stow away your out of season tools and equipment to make room at home for the items you need during the current season.

Dusty Rhodes