How to Pack Framed Pictures for Moving

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 12, 2021  in 
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It is likely that you have framed pictures displayed on your walls, bookshelves, and tabletops. These pictures are probably even among your most valued possessions. Even if they aren’t filled with expensive art, our pictures are reflections of our memories and our personalities and they are the little details that make a house a home. Therefore, you want to take extra precautions when moving to ensure your framed pictures do not get damaged during the process.


Continue reading for useful tips for properly packing your framed pictures for a move.

Moving Supplies You Will Need


  • ●Medium sized moving boxes and picture/mirror boxes
  • ●Painter’s tape
  • ●Packing paper
  • ●Cardboard sheets
  • ●Bubble wrap
  • ●Packing tape

How to Pack Framed Pictures

1. Mark with an X

Start by marking an ‘X’ across the glass of each framed picture using painter’s tape. This will prevent the glass from shattering.

2. Place cardboard on top.

Next, you will want to cut a piece of cardboard that is slightly larger than the frame and place it over the glass, securing it in place with painter’s tape.

3. Wrap with packing paper.

Lay each picture flat on top of a sheet of packing paper and wrap the entire frame with several layers of paper. Secure the paper with tape.

4. Box the wrapped frames.

Cushion the bottom of a moving box with crumpled packing paper and carefully set the pictures side by side in the box. Do not lay them flat. Note:larger pictures or valuable framed art should be wrapped separately in a picture/mirror box. Do not overfill the boxes. Fill any open spaces around the frames with crumpled packing paper. Secure the box with packing tape. Be sure and mark the box “fragile.”

5. Place large framed pictures in picture/mirror boxes.

There are boxes specifically designed for packing large framed pictures and mirrors. These can be purchased at a local hardware store or moving supply store. For larger frames, follow steps 1-3 and then add an additional layer of bubble wrap over the packing paper. Place the wrapped picture inside the picture/mirror box, filling in empty space with crumpled paper. Tightly secure the box with packing tape. Be sure and mark the box “fragile.” Important: Bubble wrap should only be used on top of paper or over glass. Never use bubble wrap directly over a canvas print or artwork.

Dusty Rhodes