How to Pack in a Hurry and Still Stay Organized

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 21, 2021  in 
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When it comes to packing for a move, it’s ideal to start the process at least a month in advance. However, there are times when this simply isn’t feasible.Perhaps you have to move for work and you only have a couple of weeks or it could be that you have sold your house but the buyers need a quick close.


There are a number of circumstances that can require you to have to pack up and move in a short period of time. Whatever the reason, you can still get your packing done even if you don’t have much time to spare. Read on for some helpful tips on how to pack in a hurry.

Get Ready to Purge

You can certainly move faster if you have fewer items to pack. That’s why it’s important to begin the decluttering process right away and be decisive about clutter as you pack.


As you begin going through each room in your home, you are bound to come across items you no longer want or need. Don’t be afraid to set these items aside and to donate.


The less you have to pack, the faster it will go. It will also simplify the process of moving in.

Forget About Organizing

In an ideal world when you had more time, your boxes would be completely organized, color-coded, and packed according to room.


When you’re throwing a move together quickly, however, there simply isn’t time to create a strict organizational system. Rather, you want to focus on making sure everything is packed safely and securely.


Pack your belongings one room at a time and be sure to label the contents of each box.

Set Aside Some Essentials

As you pack, keep in mind that it could be several days before you have time to unpack every box. Therefore, be sure and set aside a few essentials and necessary items that you will need to get you through the first few days in your new home.


Pack a separate box with a few essentials including a few extra sets of clothing, a few bath towels, toiletries, medications, and even a pillow and blanket.


This box should contain any necessary items that you will need right away.

Gather Packing Materials ( and use what you already own)

One tip for packing faster is to make sure you have all of your packing materials right from the start. This doesn’t always mean you have to go out and buy all new materials, however.


You can actually save quite a bit of time and money by using things you already have. For example, you can pack clothing in your drawers, tote bags, suitcases, and even trash bags. You can also use blankets and towels as a replacement for bubble wrap and packing paper as well as old t-shirts and sweatshirts.


If you don’t have enough bags and bins for everything, just purchase the few additional boxes that you will need.


The trick is to gather these materials before you begin packing so you won’t have to stop to make multiple trips to the store.

Don’t Do It Alone

The  fastest way to pack for a move is with extra hands. Moving is stressful enough, but it can be even more overwhelming if you are in a hurry. That’s why it can be beneficial to enlist the help of experienced professionals.


Hiring a professional moving company can expedite the process while taking some of the load off of your shoulders. When you need to move in a hurry, Smartbox Moving and Storage is there to help you with all of your last-minute packing needs. Not only do they provide convenient services such as loading and unloading, but they also sell packing supplies making it easy to get everything you need in one place.


Whether you are moving across town or out of state, Smartbox can take care of all of your moving and storage needs.

Dusty Rhodes