How to Store Books in a Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 29, 2020  in 
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Are your closets drowning in books that you have gathered over the years? Are you moving and in need of a place to store your books temporarily? Whatever the reason, storing books is a bit trickier than storing other household items. Without proper care, books will deteriorate and ruin if not stored in the right conditions. If you have a valuable collection or just want to ensure your old favorites don’t get damaged, there are certain steps you should take to keep your collection safe and intact for years to come. Here are a few tips and tricks for how to properly store your books in a storage unit.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Unit

When looking for a place to store your books, you should look for a climate-controlled unit. Paper is an organic material and will degrade over time if not stored in the proper conditions. Humidity and moisture can wreak havoc on your books, causing the pages to curl and allowing mold and mildew to take their toll on the books over time. By maintaining a consistent temperature, climate control protects your books from the dangers of extreme heat and cold which can damage sensitive print materials.

Gently Clean Your Books

Prior to storage, it is recommended to clean your books using a lint-free cloth. This is a great way to get rid of dirt and dust without damaging the covers of the books. This is an important step in keeping your book collection dust free while in storage.

Sort and Organize Your Books

Another great tip for storing your books is to take a little extra time to sort and organize your collection. You can organize books by genre, author, or even fiction and nonfiction. This will make it easier for you to find a specific book at a later time.

Choose the Right Storage Boxes

You can store your books in either cardboard or plastic boxes. If using cardboard boxes, however, be sure to store them on shelves so pests and rodents cannot get inside.  While plastic containers are acceptable, you want to avoid using plastic bags of any kind, as this can trap moisture and result in moldy books. When placing your books in boxes, it can be helpful to wrap each book in a paper towel or cloth to protect the surface from dirt and residue. For rare and limited edition books, you want to take extra precautions when placing them in storage. You should store these rare books in custom sleeves for added protection.


Lay Books Flat in Boxes

When placing your books in boxes, be sure and lay them flat. Standing them up can damage their spines over time. You also want to be sure and place the heaviest books at the bottom of the box and pack paperback books tightly.

Seal the Boxes

It is important to properly seal the boxes to ensure moisture, dirt, insects, and pests don’t find their way inside. Cardboard boxes should be sealed with packing tape while plastic containers should be sealed with a lid. When possible, it is also recommended to store the boxes off the ground. You can do this by placing the boxes on shelving in the storage unit. This helps to keep water, pests, and rodents from getting into the books.




Dusty Rhodes