3 Benefits of Portable Storage Units over a DIY Move in the Summer ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 19, 2020  in 
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Many people prefer the DIY method for moving as a way to save money, and understandably so. However, moving is no easy task and can quickly become overwhelming. As the summer temperatures heat up and the amount of people moving begins to increase, those DIY movers might encounter a few too many challenges. Luckily, portable storage units offer the perfect solution for those who want to save a little money but still enjoy a hassle free experience. Here are three ways you can benefit from using a portable storage unit for your summer move.


You Can Beat the Heat

A DIY move might seem like a great idea, but as the summer temperatures begin to climb you can easily find yourself melting in the hot summer sun. The summer heat is simply not ideal for lifting heavy furniture and mountains of boxes. Loading and unloading a moving truck in the middle of summer can be exhausting, but portable storage units can make the job much easier. They provide ground level loading, so you can forget about lifting heavy items up and down a steep ramp. You also have the luxury of moving at your own pace instead of exhausting yourself trying to move everything in a few short days. You can take advantage of the flexibility they offer, and only move items in the early morning and early evening hours, when the temperatures are cooler. Furthermore, since portable storage containers are so spacious, you can eliminate the need to make multiple trips back and forth between homes to retrieve items.


No Scrambling to Find a Moving Truck

The summer months are the most popular time of the year to move and that means you won’t be the only one trying to rent a moving truck. Many DIY movers are left scrambling to find a truck because so many are rented during the summer. A portable storage unit eliminates this problem by providing an easy and convenient way to transport your belongings. Not only is the container delivered directly to your door, but the portable storage company will also transport it directly to your new home.


Convenient and Hassle-Free

Summer is a time to relax and spend some time with family and friends. Unfortunately, many DIY movers find that the job is much bigger than they anticipated and it takes much longer. This intensifies an already stressful situation and can really put a damper on your summer plans. Fortunately, portable storage units offer a convenient and hassle-free moving solution. In addition to being delivered directly to your home and transported to your new home upon request, you can rent the container for as long as you need, giving you the flexibility to unpack at your leisure. This means you can still go on vacation, hit the pool, or simply relax on the back porch without having to stress about unpacking all of your belongings in a short few days.

Dusty Rhodes