4 Problems a Portable Storage Unit Can Solve for a School ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 10, 2020  in 
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When we think of portable storage units, we typically associate them with moving. However, among the more innovative alternative uses for portable storage containers is their use in schools. You can solve your school’s moving, storage, and need for additional space with one versatile solution. Easy to relocate, affordable, and secure, these containers have become a useful resource for elementary schools, high schools, and colleges. Here are just a few of the problems a portable storage unit can solve for a school.


Problem: Need for additional classroom space.

Whether your school is under renovation or there is a higher number of students and not enough space to accommodate them, portable storage units can be the perfect solution. Portable or modular classrooms created from portable storage containers provide a cost-effective solution for schools that are in need of additional space for students and teachers. They can provide temporary classroom solutions while a school is under construction or they can be used as a long-term classroom solution that won’t break the school’s budget.


Problem: Not enough storage space for school supplies.

As schools and college campuses begin to grow and expand their departments, their list of supplies and equipment will begin to grow as well. Some schools do not have adequate storage space to house extra desks, furniture, chairs, computers, books, and other equipment. Portable storage units provide a cost-effective solution for keeping all of these extra supplies in a secure location.


Problem: No room for sports and lawn  equipment.

Athletics are a huge part of many schools but unfortunately these schools may not have the necessary storage space to handle all of the equipment that is needed to run sports programs. Portable storage units can easily be used as an equipment shed for supplies and sporting goods as well as an additional locker room if needed. They can also be used to store lawn mowers, blowers, and other types of lawn equipment.


Problem: No place to fundraiser and carnival supplies.

Fundraisers, picnics, and carnivals are an integral part of schools and these activities require a great deal of supplies. Everything from tables and chairs to decorations and sno-cone machines will be used for these types of events and many schools simply don’t have a place to store these items. Portable storage units provide a secure, on-site storage solution for all of your school’s fundraising supplies.

Dusty Rhodes