9 Ways to Utilize a Portable Storage Unit for Spring Cleaning

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 03, 2020  in 
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Spring Cleaning the Garage

Spring is upon us and the time has never been better to get organized. Along with the fresh air and signs of new life popping up all around, many people choose to take on the task of cleaning their home in the spring. In addition to decluttering, donating, and cleaning, spring is also a great time for decorating and remodeling. Though it may seem like an overwhelming task, there are things you can do to make the job a little easier and a portable storage unit can help. Here are just a few of the great ways you can utilize a portable storage unit to help with spring cleaning.


1. Deep Cleaning

It is much easier to give your home a deep clean if you move the furniture in your house out of the way. This allows you to clean carpets, scrub and mop floors, and clean all of those hard to reach places. A portable storage unit is a great place to store your furniture while you deep clean your home.


2. Sort Items

Part of spring cleaning involves going through your home and sorting items into groups: keep, sell, donate, or throw away. A portable storage unit makes it easy to sort through items and store these piles out of the way until you are ready to get rid of them.


3. Organize One Room at a Time

The best way to organize a room is to take everything out and only put back the things you plan to keep. A portable storage unit is the perfect place to store your items as you go through and organize each room of your house. Instead of cluttering up your home with piles of things, you can keep everything neatly tucked away in a storage unit.


4. Store Seasonal Clothing

Spring is a great time to clean out and organize your closets. It’s the perfect time to pack up bulky winter boots, coats, and clothing and change it out for spring and summer clothing. Rather than waste space in your closets storing out of season clothing, you can store your clothing in a portable storage unit.


5. Put Things in Long-Term Storage

Maybe you have decided to replace your office furniture with exercise equipment or you purchased a new bedroom set but don’t want to get rid of your old furniture.  Whatever the case, a portable storage unit is a great place to store items long-term. It allows you to free up space in your home without having to sell or get rid of your belongings.


6. Redecorating

Spring is not only a great time to clean your home, but you might want to spruce things up after you clean. If you plan on doing some redecorating, a portable storage unit can be helpful as you move furniture and accessories out of the way. Once you have placed everything where you want, you can decide whether or not to keep your boxes in long-term storage.


7. Remodeling

Not only is spring a popular time for cleaning, but it is also a great time to do some remodeling. Whether you are painting bedrooms, fixing up a bathroom, or doing a complete kitchen remodel, a portable storage unit will temporarily provide the storage space you need so you can remove items from your home.


8. Cleaning Out the Garage

It’s time to replace snow shovels and snow blowers with lawn mowers and weed eaters. Spring is the perfect time to clean out your garage and replace your winter equipment with spring and summer equipment. A portable storage unit offers a place for you to keep this equipment as you move it out of the way to clean and you will even have the option of keeping it in long-term storage during the off-season.


9. Extra Storage for Supplies

Spring cleaning won’t happen in a day or two and you might not want your home filled with cleaning materials, carpet steamers, lawn equipment, and other supplies until the job is done. A portable storage unit gives you the extra storage space you need for things like bins, cleaning supplies, brooms, steam cleaners, painting supplies, gardening equipment, mulch, and anything else you might need to clean or repair your home.


Dusty Rhodes