6 Common Reasons Families Choose to Move

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 05, 2020  in 
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If you are contemplating whether or not to move, you’re not alone. On any given day, thousands of people are moving to a new home or even a new city. Though it’s a costly, time consuming, and stressful process, there are a variety of reasons why families choose to move. From jobs and finances to additional space and great schools, there are countless reasons why people choose to move. Not sure if moving is right for you? Here are a few of the most common reasons why families decide it’s time for a new home.


Need More Space

As your family expands and children begin to grow, many families find themselves in need of more space. If your closets or overflowing, your garage is packed full, and every room is at capacity, it might be time to consider a move. This is a time when homeowners feel like they have outgrown their space and need to upgrade to a larger house.


Great Schools

School districts are one of the biggest considerations for many families when choosing where to live. As children reach school age, many families make the decision to move to a new home in order to live in a better school district. Education is a huge factor when families consider where to put down their roots.


Job Change

A new job can mean relocating to a new city. This is pretty common in young families, where the parents are in the midst of building their career. Job changes can also be the reason for local moves, if long commute times and heavy traffic are an issue. Many families choose to move to a new neighborhood that will be more convenient to their job.


Closer to Extended Family

Young couples often choose a home based on their job and their own personal interests, but that can all change when kids come into the picture. For many families, living closer to extended family is very important and can be one of the main reasons they choose to move. Many young families want their children to be close to grandparents for both physical and emotional support.


 Better Neighborhood for Kids

That swank uptown neighborhood may have been the perfect location for you and your spouse, but once you have kids you realize that it’s not the most family-friendly neighborhood. Many families choose to move because they want to raise their kids in a safe neighborhood with great schools, parks, bike trails, and lots of other kids. Families find that it’s very important to be part of a community that is suitable for young children.


Change of Lifestyle

The bustling city life may have suited you just fine before you had children, but now you want to raise your kids in a more peaceful setting. It’s common to uproot the family in search of a fresh start and a new pace of life. For this reason, many families choose to trade in the bright lights of the city for the peaceful serenity of a small town or countryside.

Dusty Rhodes