4 Surprising Ways Portable Storage Units Can Help Sell a House

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 17, 2020  in 
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staging your home


Anyone who has ever moved knows how stressful the process of selling a home can be. Between the constant struggle of keeping your home clean and being forced out of it at a moment’s notice for a showing, it’s enough to make anyone crazy. It leaves homeowners anxious and antsy to sell their home fast. If you are looking for tips and tricks to help sell your home faster, you might be surprised to know that a portable storage unit can be a great resource. Read on to discover a few ways that a portable storage unit can help you sell your house.


Staging Your Home

If you really want an edge when selling your home than staging is a must. Staging your home makes it appealing to as many potential buyers as possible and homes that are well staged sell faster. In fact, the National Association of Realtors found that two thirds of staged homes spend less time on the market, with homes selling nearly 73% faster on average. Staging your home involves two parts: removing personal belongings and excess furniture from the home and bringing in neutral colors and inviting decor. So, what do you do with all of those personal items and additional furniture while your home is being staged? The answer is simple: a portable storage unit. Portable storage units are convenient and affordable and they provide the extra space you need while staging your home.


Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy

When your home is on the market, it needs to sparkle and shine at all times because you never know when you are going to be asked to show it. This can be a challenge if you have a family because you are likely to have laundry, pet supplies, and even smelly sports equipment and cleats lying around the house. It can seem almost impossible to keep your house in tip top shape 24/7. A portable storage unit can help because it can be used as a temporary storage space for all your stuff. Messes are inevitable but you can clean them up in a snap by temporarily tucking it out of the way in a portable storage unit.


Organize and Declutter

You want your home to appeal to buyers and one way to do that is by keeping everything organized. You want to make your home appear larger and more inviting and this can be achieved by decluttering your home. Buyers will look in every nook and cranny of your home so you need to be sure that every closet and cabinet is neat and orderly. Decluttering means you will have to remove a lot of stuff and you might be wondering where to store all of this extra stuff while your home is on the market. A portable storage unit is the perfect solution for storing all of your belongings so you can maintain a neat and organized home.


Clean Up the Outside Too

Buyers will be looking at both the inside and outside of your home so you don’t want to forget about the yard, patio, and garage. You want your outside space to be just as orderly as the inside so this means finding temporary storage for toys, sports equipment, yard equipment, tools, grills, and patio furniture (if your home is for sale in the winter). A portable storage unit is the perfect place to store all of these items so you can make sure the outside of your home looks neat and polished.

Dusty Rhodes