7 Problems with Not Storing Seasonal Items in Long-Term Storage ​

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 21, 2019  in 
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When it comes to storing seasonal items, many people are at a loss as to what to store and where to store it. They don’t know how to transition these items out of their homes, closets, and garages so that they will be more organized and ready to go next season. Many of these people also see seasonal storage as a waste of time and money since they will be using these same items again next year. The truth is, however, that storing seasonal items can make your life so much easier and way more organized. It is also the only way to ensure that your belongings will be in good condition next year at this time. In fact, finding a proper storage solution is more important than most people think and here are just a few of the problems you might encounter when you don’t take the time to properly store your seasonal items.


Damage From Winter Weather

Although it may seem like the garage is the perfect place to store lawn equipment and patio furniture, the reality is that winter weather conditions can wreak havoc on many of these seasonal items. The extremely cold temperatures and moisture from rain, snow, and ice can cause damage to your belongings.


Damage From Unwelcome Pests

Humans aren’t the only ones seeking shelter from the cold during the winter months. Oftentimes, small rodents will seek shelter in places like a garage and can end up chewing wires and causing damage to your belongings. This is just another reason why the garage is not the ideal place to store your seasonal items.


Your Home Can Get Cluttered

Many homeowners are short on storage space as it is, so you can only imagine what happens to closets, attic space, and the garage when you fill them with all of your seasonal items. Before you know it your home is filled with clutter and this can lead to frustration. Don’t succumb to the clutter when you can easily sort and store your belongings in long-term storage.


You Can’t Find What You’re Looking For

It’s hard enough to keep everything in your home organized but when you start stuffing seasonal items into every nook and cranny of your home it’s easy to forget where you put things. It also makes it hard to find those items that are located behind stacks of boxes or large patio furniture. Take back your home and keep your belongings organized by utilizing long-term storage for your seasonal items.


You Can’t Pull Your Car in the Garage

Oftentimes, people will store things like lawn mowers, blowers, gardening tools, and sports equipment in the garage. Soon enough, your garage is so full of seasonal items that you can’t even use it for its intended park your car. No one wants to be shoveling snow off their car every morning so use your garage as a parking space and place all those seasonal items in storage.


Your Closets are a Mess!

Unless you are lucky enough to live in Florida or southern California where it’s warm year round, you have different clothes for different seasons. Unfortunately, keeping all of these clothes in your closet takes up a tremendous amount of space. You can keep your closets neat and organized by storing all of your out of season clothes in long-term storage.


They are Susceptible to Theft

Anytime items are left in a garage or shed there is a chance they could get stolen. Why risk having your expensive lawn equipment, sports gear, or patio furniture stolen when you can store it in a safe and secure storage unit? Long-term storage is a great way to keep your items safe from the outdoors and protected from possible theft.


Dusty Rhodes