4 Tips for Loading Items in a Portable Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 02, 2019  in 
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Portable storage containers are an affordable and convenient solution for packing and storing your items for a move. Although packing for a move is quite a tough job, these nifty containers make the job much easier. However, it is important to make sure have the right tools before you begin. Before loading anything into a portable storage container, you want to be sure  you have a dolly, loading straps, furniture pads, and plenty of stretch wrap. Now that you have all of the materials you will need, you want to make sure all of your wood furniture is properly covered with furniture pads and any upholstered furniture is adequately covered in stretch wrap. Now you are ready to begin loading your unit. Follow these helpful tips for proper loading to ensure the safety of your belongings as well as to maximize space in your storage unit.

Pack Your Heaviest and Bulkiest Items First

The heaviest and bulkiest items should be loaded into the container first. This would include things like a refrigerator, washer, dryer, couch, etc. Be sure to use a dolly to safely load these items and prevent the risk of injury. You should also be sure to disassemble some furniture like beds and chairs and always turn couches on end. You also want to make sure you pack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top and maximize the space by packing from floor to ceiling. Finally, you want to fill in any gaps with soft materials like bedding, blankets, and towels.

Distribute the Weight Evenly

Although you are packing the heaviest items first, you want to pay attention to how you distribute the weight of these items. For example, if you pack a refrigerator in the back corner of the unit you should pack something else heavy on the other corner such as a couch or washer. You just want to be sure you are not putting all of the heaviest items in one corner of the storage unit.

Save Space to Walk

Do not make the mistake of covering the entire floor of the storage unit. You want to start loading around the outside edges of the unit first to create a wall and then work your way in. You want to be sure and leave some space so you can walk to the back of the unit to access items that you might need.

Secure Your Belongings

Although you are packing your storage unit as tightly as you can, you still want to take extra precautions by securing large and heavy items. You want to minimize jostling while the unit is in transport so you can prevent damage to your belongings. You also want to use a mattress, large piece of cardboard, or extra flattened boxes to cover items and keep them from falling during transit. The final stop in proper loading is to make sure and lock your store unit once you are finished loading it.


Dusty Rhodes