3 Easy Tips for Storing Pool Equipment in a Portable Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 24, 2019  in 
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pool floaties

Owning a pool is a lot of fun but it also requires a great deal of work to maintain that crystal clear water. Pools requires a great deal of equipment and chemicals to keep them clean and free of algae. Not to mention all of the floats and toys that most people have for the pool. This leaves pool owners with the dilemma of where to store all of this pool equipment during the fall and winter months. A portable storage container is a great solution for storing your pool supplies and equipment because it provides a safe, dry place where you can neatly store your pool equipment out of the way. Here are a few great tips for storing your pool equipment in portable storage.

Be Cautious with Chemicals

There are several types of chemicals used to maintain a pool and it’s important to follow the proper guidelines for storing these chemicals safely. In order to avoid harmful reactions, spills, and chemical mixing, follow these important steps for chemical storage:

  • Chemicals should be stored in a dry area where the temperature does not fall below freezing and does not exceed 95 degrees. This is just one of the reasons why a portable storage container is a great solution for storing pool chemicals.
  • Store your chemicals in their original containers with the lids securely tightened. Avoid the temptation to place tablets and algaecide in plastic buckets that might fit better into your storage space. It is important to easily identify all chemicals so you know how to handle them properly.
  • Never stack chemicals on top of one another because if there is a leak in one of the containers a chemical reaction could occur. A portable storage container provides enough space for you to store each chemical separately.

Take Equipment Apart

Owning a pool is an investment that requires lots of supplies and equipment. Pool equipment doesn’t come cheap so you want to be sure and take good care of all of your pool equipment so it lasts from year to year. During the fall and winter months you will probably need to store your pool vacuum, pump, nets, and brush. The most important thing to remember is to take all of your equipment apart and make sure it is completely dry prior to storage. This prevents possible corrosion from water. A portable storage container is an ideal solution for storing this pool equipment because they risk damage from the extreme cold as well as snow, ice, and rain.

Store Floats and Toys Properly

Pool floats and toys are fun accessories that make your pool more enjoyable. There is no need to replace these items year after year if you store them properly. The first step is to deflate any floats or toys that are blown up. You will also want to make sure they are clean and completely dry prior to storage. You can use wall hooks to hang pool floats and noodles so they are up off the ground. Smaller accessories such as toys and goggles could easily be stored in plastic airtight containers.

Dusty Rhodes