3 Tricks for Organizing Your Classroom for a New School Year

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 17, 2019  in 
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With summer winding down and the start of a new school year quickly approaching, it’s time for teachers to begin preparing their classrooms. You can start the year off right by getting things in order just in time for school. Every teacher has countless materials, books, and manipulatives in their room but might not have a lot of space to store it all.  That means teachers have to get creative when it comes to organizing their classroom.  Organization is key to a successful classroom because students and teachers both work best in a space that is neat and orderly.  In addition, a well-organized classroom allows the teacher to focus on teaching their students rather than trying to find those missing items. Here are a few awesome tricks for getting your classroom in order for the new year!

Sort Book and Magazines in Plastic Bins

Any elementary or middle school classroom is going to be filled with books galore. If not organized properly, these books can take up a great deal of space in the classroom and can easily get mixed up and totally disorganized. A great way to keep all of these reading materials neatly organized is by using small plastic bins. Start by sorting your books by theme or category. Each theme or category will have it’s own plastic bin with a label. You can also sort magazines by month or even worksheets by chapter. Once these bins are organized, you can stack them in closets or even neatly on the floor. By separating and labeling your books, magazines, and workbooks/worksheets, you can keep everything organized and you can easily find what you are looking for when you need it.

Use Hangers to Store Manipulatives

Math teachers use a variety of manipulatives to teach mathematical concepts including dice, counters, base ten blocks, stacking cubes, 3-D shapes, and so much more. These items are so important, as they allow students to experience a more hands-on approach to learning. Unfortunately, every teacher can relate to losing these items or not being able to locate them from time to time. This year, keep your manipulatives neatly organized so you can find them right away when you need them with this handy trick. Start with plastic clothing hangers and attach small metal rings to each hanger. Sort and fill plastic bags with your manipulatives and label each bag. Attach a binder clip to each metal ring and clamp these clips down over each plastic bag holding them in place. You can hang about 3-4 bags on each hanger depending on how heavy the manipulatives are in each bag. Now you are ready to hang these neatly organized bags in a closet where they are neatly tucked out of the way.

Stackable Drawers on Wheels

When it comes to organizing a classroom, stackable drawers on wheels are the best! These nifty storage containers can be used to store so many different things like homework, graded/non-graded papers, construction paper, art supplies, ipads, workbooks, extra supplies, and the list goes on. The best part about these stackable drawers is that you can easily move them around the room thanks to the handy wheels. Label the outside of each drawer and you instantly have a well-organized system.

There are so many great ways to organize your classroom that are simple and affordable. The best way to get started is to make a list of what items need to be organized and then check off each item as you go. Having a well-organized classroom will make you a better teacher and your school year will be more productive and enjoyable for you and your students.

Dusty Rhodes