7 Easy Ways to Make the Packing Process as Enjoyable as Possible

by Dusty Rhodes on May 03, 2019  in 
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Packing Can be Fun

There’s no question about it...moving is stressful, chaotic, and exhausting. Packing is perhaps the most dreaded part of the entire process, but it doesn’t have to be. There are things you can do to make this process more fun and help take your mind off some of the craziness. Consider these tips for a more enjoyable packing experience.


Stay Positive

This is probably the easiest and most important thing you can do. While the thought of packing can be daunting, it helps if you can keep a positive attitude. Instead of focusing on how much work is ahead of you, celebrate small accomplishments along the way. Each time you pack a room, reward yourself with something like a relaxing bath, a much needed nap, or take-out for dinner. Also, try to focus on the excitement that lies ahead and spend less time worrying about everything that needs to be done. While this might seem easier said than done, it can make a tremendous difference in the packing experience.


Listen to Music

Just about any task is more enjoyable when you are listening to music.  It helps to distract you from the stress you are feeling and helps to create a more relaxed and upbeat atmosphere. When you are singing along to music, you will be surprised at how much faster the process will go.


Enlist the Help of the Kids

Not only will it make your kids feel like they are contributing, but packing will definitely go faster with a few more helping hands. Give your kids the freedom to pack their own room. You might have to let go of you desire to have a perfectly neat and organized box, but remember that the goal is simply to get everything in a box.


Stop for a Little Play Time

This is especially important if you are packing with kids. Moving is stressful enough and can be a difficult transition for kids. Lighten the mood by stopping to play for a bit. Have a dance party while you are packing. Make a fort out of boxes. Have a scavenger hunt and let your kids hunt for specific items to pack, or even take a break and have a picnic on the den floor.


Gather the Right Supplies

Packing is time-consuming as it is so no one wants to waste time making multiple trips to buy supplies. You also don’t want to have to stop in the middle of packing to run to the store. Stock up on boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and other supplies you will need. When it comes to supplies, it is better to have too much than not enough.


Divide the Job into Smaller Tasks

The thought of packing your entire house can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to break it up into smaller jobs. For example, commit to packing one room a day. This smaller goal seems more attainable and is also less time consuming so you won’t exhaust yourself trying to do too much at a time.


Pack with Friends

Invite your friends over for a packing party.  Chances are if you offer them pizza and beer they will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. It will certainly be more enjoyable chatting with friends while you pack but it will also help speed up the process so it’s a win-win!



Dusty Rhodes