3 Common Misconceptions About Choosing a Portable Storage Company

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 19, 2019  in 
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Smartbox is the Smart Move

With the demand for storage always increasing, portable storage companies have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer a convenient solution for storing and transporting one’s belongings. This means the market for portable storage companies has grown and customers are left with more choices. With so many options to choose from, however, customers might encounter a few misconceptions about choosing the right storage company. To help customers better understand the nature of portable storage, let’s examine a few of the most common misconceptions.


Misconception #1: Portable storage units are expensive.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about the business.  In reality, most storage unit companies offer reasonable prices on various sized units. In addition, customers can expect upfront pricing and they will not be hit with hidden fees. Portable storage companies also have professional customer service representatives that can help customers choose the right size unit for their needs so they are never paying for more space than they need. One of the most popular uses for portable storage containers is moving and these containers are much cheaper than hiring a professional moving company.  They provide customers with a convenient storage solution and delivery for an affordable price.


Misconception #2: Portable storage companies are only useful for moving.

While portable storage units were initially designed to provide a convenient solution for storing and transporting one’s belongings during a move, they are actually useful for a variety of purposes. They are perfect for homeowners who are completing a home renovation project and need temporary storage for their belongings. They are useful for business owners who need extra space for storing office supplies and inventory.  They are ideal for landscaping and construction businesses that require on-site storage for equipment and materials.  They provide a convenient solution for college students in need of summer storage.  Storage containers are also a great solution for homeowners who need a little extra storage space for their belongings.  With so many uses, the possibilities for renting a portable storage container are endless.


Misconception #3: The portable storage container will be an eyesore in my driveway.

Many people are in need of additional storage space but worry that a storage container will be sitting in their driveway for a lengthy period of time. The beauty of portable storage companies is that they offer convenient and flexible storage solutions to meet your individual needs. If you are planning to rent a portable storage container for a few months, most storage companies offer a long-term storage solution.  In addition to delivering the unit directly to your door, they will also transport the container to a storage facility for long-term storage.  This allows customers the freedom to access their belongings at any time without having to keep the storage container on-site.





Dusty Rhodes