5 Surprising Benefits of Storing Winter Home Décor in a Portable Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 08, 2019  in 
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Winter storage

You no longer need to stress about where to store all of those extra home décor items.  From holiday decorations to woven pillows and cozy throws, you are bound to have a variety of winter décor in your home.  This can wreak havoc on your storage space at home, quickly filling closets, attic space, and your garage with all of these seasonal items.  Luckily, a portable storage unit provides the ideal storage solution.  You can keep all of your belongings safely packed away while saving your closet space for more practical everyday use.  Here are just a few of the benefits of storing your winter home décor in a portable storage unit.


Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Year after year we pull out our holiday decorations only to find that pieces are missing, broken, or completely strewn about our attic.  It’s the beginning of a new year so the time has never been better to get organized.  You can actually take the time to neatly pack and organize all of your holiday decorations in plastic bins.  Since you no longer have to worry about cramming it all in your attic along with all of your other stored items, you can invest in plenty of storage containers to keep your decorations organized.  Label each container and stack them neatly in a portable storage unit.  You can then have the portable storage unit delivered to a storage facility where your holiday décor will remain safe and secure until next year.  You won’t believe how easy it will be to locate your decorations next year and you are sure to enjoy the decorating process much more when everything is neatly labeled and organized.


Create More Space at Home

One thing most homeowners can agree on is that there is never enough storage space.  Why stuff your closets and attic full of winter décor that you only use for a small portion of the year when you can pack it in a portable storage unit and save your closet space for more practical purposes?  Your closets and attic space would be put to better use by storing clothing and other personal belongings that you tend to access more regularly.  Don’t waste your much needed storage space on decorations.  A portable storage unit is a convenient and affordable solution for making the most of your storage space at home. 


Keep Your Belongings Protected

We assume that just because our decorations are placed in the attic that they are safe and secure but in reality this is not true.  Your attic is susceptible to moisture, fluctuating temperatures, dust, insects, and other critters that can cause damage to your belongings.  Even if you cover your decorations or place them in boxes, they are still at risk of becoming damaged by humidity and temperature changes.  A portable storage unit is a great solution because your items can be stored in a climate-controlled facility where they will be safe and well protected from changes in temperature, humidity, and of course unwanted critters.



Dusty Rhodes